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Fast rising singer-songwriter FYA FOX returns with her latest single ‘Need It’, accompanied by a visually compelling music video premiering exclusively here at Boyfriend. The Irish hailing talent has been hotly tipped for some time, honing her own addictive blend of emotive alt-pop and introspective lyricism. On her latest single we see an artist flaunting her newfound independence, telling the tale of a breakup that delivers a hard-hitting dismissal which leaves no remorse. For FYA, the song is one of empowerment, knowing her own value and settling for no less.   

On her latest single ‘Need it’, FYA FOX states: “Need It is infectious! On the way home from the studio I’ve been pumping this track through the speakers thinking, ‘I want people to hear this’. Have you ever been totally consumed after a literal 1 second distraction? Mute that notification, they aren’t worth it!” There’s a refreshing air of self-confidence that transcends from the artist, something that’s clear in the lyrics, as she sings: “Your voice, I don’t wanna hear it / Your touch, I don’t wanna feel it.”

The irresistible beats of ‘Need It’ wrap themselves around FYA’s sultry harmonies as she challenges her lover to admit their wrongdoings, before ultimately realising she’s better flying solo. It takes you on a journey of self-growth whereby the end she finds herself unchained from all links of toxicity. It’s refreshing and engaging that links perfectly with the accompanying visuals. Pictured driving until the song reaches its climax, where she eventually reaches her destination, wearing an eye-catching red suit, accompanied by white boots, she reflects someone in total control of herself and her destiny – feeling totally free.  

Having already gained support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, it’s only a matter of time until the masses wake up to FYA’s undeniable talent. The artists ability to channel her inner stories into an emotive journey throughout her songs makes for a unique experience every time you listen to her voice. We can’t wait to see what FYA FOX does next.

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