'Don't Just Exist, Give Back' is the message from this brand with a worthwhile cause...

Gandys are a travel and lifestyle clothing brand that has a heart of gold. Founded by Rob and Paul Forkan who were orphaned in 2004 after losing their parents to the devastating Tsunami that hit Sri Lanka. The brothers spent much of their childhood and their early adult life travelling the world like their parents had, supporting people around the world in diverse and difficult conditions. During their trips, they realised there were a number of items they needed but couldn’t find, and so with this idea, combined with their desire to honour their parents and continue to do ‘good’, Gandys was born…

The brands mission is simple, to stop people passively letting life go by when they could be doing more. The brand donates 10% of their profits to helping underprivileged children affected by the Tsunami calling it their ‘Orphans for Orphans’ initiative. To date, their initiative has built 2 kids’ campuses which provide care and education – one in Sri Lanka and one in Malawi, and they are soon opening campuses in Brazil and Nepal.

Their collection is designed with travellers in mind, ranging from flip flops and their iconic ’round towel’, through to clothing and backpacks (the Bali backpack is a personal fave). We’ve seen a rise in brands being transparent about their proceeds supporting good causes, and there’s no denying that this brand is not just talking about supporting, but they are actively doing something about it too – which makes purchasing from them even more meaningful.

The brand has 3 physical stores at the moment, Covent Garden, Richmond and Soho, and you can visit their online store at https://www.gandyslondon.com/ – so what are you waiting for, as the brand says ‘Don’t Just Exist, Give Back’

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