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Our Beauty Editor Jo Ascenso tries out the new hair colour trend 'Balayage' with Trevor Sorbie's new Express Brightening Service...

I’ve had the immense pleasure of trying Trevor Sorbie’s new Express Brightening Service at the hands of the fabulous Zak, in their Covent Garden Salon, and couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised!

First, let me give you some background. From the time I was a teen and allowed to dye my hair, I’ve always gone darker. From plums, to reds, black and blue, my hair has seen it all. But NEVER blonde. It was just never my thing. Mind you, I grew up by the seaside and my hair would naturally go several shades of beach blonde light every single year at the end of Summer, and it drove me nuts!

So the idea of trying a lightening service was in itself a personal challenge. Worse case scenario, I’d hate it and just dye it back to some chocolatey brown shade.

So what is Balayage I hear you ask?

Balayage is the technique of free-hand painting highlights onto the hair, creating a soft and natural gradation of lightness towards the ends. The result is the look of summers spent at the beach, or the fresh, unintentionally perfect highlights on a child.” as described by Madison-Reed (taken from


A couple of days prior to my appointment I went into the salon for a patch test (super important when you’re colouring your hair with something you’ve not tried before, to make sure you don’t react badly to the dyes) and a little chat with Zak about what my ideas and expectations were in regards to the colouring. I’m pretty lax with my hair, to be fair, I’m good with experimenting as it will always grow back if I do a bad cut, and as I’ve said before, I can always redo a bad dye also. We talked about products I’m using, what my hair is like in reaction to said products and what the best care would be after having my hair lightened.

The whole team was friendly and the waiting area is relaxed.

The service itself is pretty darn quick, which is great for newbies to the balayage world like myself and the results will vary, depending on which option you choose to go for.


I had “Zorro” done ( how cool is that?) and all products used were L’Oréal Professionel, including the Smartbond treatment (which smells amazing, btw!), which worked with my existing colour and only went a smidget lighter than my natural tone.

After Zak finished colouring my hair I had it styled by Marianna in some loose curls just to add some volume. Also, not my usual. I’m more of a hair-in-a-pony kinda gal. But I loved it!

Sexy right?

These two managed to do two things no one else in London managed to do before, got me to go blonder and become a loyal customer! I’ve already booked my maintenance appointment, which is saying something. (I feel I should apologise to the hairdresser that has taken care of my hair for the past 20 yrs, even though she’s not even in the UK, I’m sorry for the betrayal! I finally found someone as good as you!)


To try the new Express Brightening Service go to Trevor Sorbie and book your consultation. You won’t be disappointed!

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