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Summer Hair, We Care!

This Summer is set to be a celebration of golden hues with gorgeous mermaid waves, curls, and messy plaits or buns. If you’re a blonde (either natural or otherwise), ask your hairdresser to add some warmer, caramel-toned highlights to your hair with some copper-toned lowlights throughout. If you’re a brunette, opt for an overall caramel shade with a warm undertone. If you’re opting for at-home colouring, go for something like the Jerome Russell Bblonde Toner in Caramel (RRP £4.49) for that temporary burst of colour warmth and maintain with the Christophe Robin Shade Variation Mask in Chic Copper (RRP £39.00), as this mask neutralises the effects of oxidation and yellowing and restores coppery highlights.

A glass of Pimm’s is the epitome of British summer. But according to Celebrity hairstylist Dionne Smith, we’re not just reaching for a glass of it this summer. She’s tipping Pimm’s hair as the hottest hair trend of the summer!

Pimms is set to be the summer hair dye trend of 2021!  This shade (and drink) is the perfect celebration of Summer, transforming locks into a golden hue, which is highlighted by the sun in the upcoming summer days. This shade gives the illusion of a natural Sunkissed finish, with deep, warm hues. Just like your fave drink, it’s light, easy, and perfect when paired with warmer weather. This hair shade compliments many skin tones and can warm up the complexion just in time for summer! So go on, get some Pimms.”

Image Courtesy of @StudioLioness

But whether you’re embracing the warmer tones trend, loving your greys or keeping brassy tones at bay for your platinum locks, try the newest L’Oréal Professionnel Metal Detox Range (RRP £25.00 each) to help eliminate metallic deposits in the hair, which can cause breakage and damage to coloured and highlighted hair. Seven years in the making, L’Oréal Professionnel Paris has developed a patented breakthrough innovation that is designed to target excess metal deposits, specifically copper, in the hair. These metals can be found in water and can cause breakage during the in-salon colour process. The range starts with the Pre-treatment (which you can request at your hairdressers) enriched with Glicoamine and neutralises excess copper in the hair, followed by an at-home care range of shampoo and masque, giving you a most reliable colour that looks even, shiny and healthy with up to 87% less breakage. 

Remember the Sun’s rays also can degrade the protein structure and bonds of our hair, causing it to become more brittle, dryer, overly porous, and break easily. The damage will grow out as the hair grows, however, the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Therapies Egyptian Jasmine and Mandarin (RRP £37.00 for 150ml) can be used to rehydrate and strengthen the strands. The luxurious pre-shampoo conditioning treatment has been reimagined with the uplifting scent of Egyptian Jasmine and Mandarin, with the same amazing results as the original formula.

The Perfect Blow-dry:

If you’re looking to create the perfect blow-dry, whether you’re working with straight, curly or natural hair, the T3 Fit Dryer (RRP £125.00), is the ideal solution. Small but mighty, T3’s Fit Dryer provides big results with minimal effort, ideal for anyone wanting to create gorgeous frizz-free hairstyles without the arm ache. Lightweight (like, really, really lightweight!), it features a compact design that’s 30% smaller than their traditional hairdryers and is powered by advanced T3 IonAir technology to dry hair fast with shiny, frizz-free results.

T3’s ambassador David Lopez has the below tips:

Straight: Make sure to use the concentrator that comes with the dryer as this is the key for sleeker, longer-lasting results. When rough drying, use your fingers to lift your roots for maximum volume. Then, go ahead with a round brush underneath your hair, near your crown, angling the nozzle of your concentrator down whilst you lift up with the brush. Don’t forget to use the ‘lock-in cool shot’ to seal in shape, volume and add shine to your hair!”

Curly: For those with curly, natural hair, the T3 FIT Diffuser is available as an attachment to give amazing volume to your curls, with frizz-free results!”

(T3 FIT is available from, Look Fantastic, Selfridges, and other selected retailers)

And for the lovers of the straightening iron, the Bio:Ionic 3-In-One Styling Iron (RRP £119.00) will give you that sleek and straight hair you love or turn it to curls and waves in no time. You’ll be able to create any look with this multitasking tool. Featuring Nano Ionic MX technology, which micronizes water molecules (breaks them down into tiny particles) infusing hydration into the hair while you style, ensuring strands stay smooth, hydrated, and frizz-free. The unique 3-in-1 design combines a flat iron, curling iron, and wand in one tool. Making it also an absolute space saver! The barrel is a bit on the short side, so if you’re working with really long hair you might find it a bit more time-consuming when curling or waving, but otherwise, it’s a brilliant tool.

Whether straight or curly, don’t forget to use some heat protection before using heat styling tools. Something like the Jerome Russell BStyled Heat Protect Curl Definer (RRP £6.99 for 200ml), which protects against heat damage up to 230°C whilst also fighting frizz and helping define curls, or the Jerome Russell BStyled Heat Protect Sleek Primer (RRP £6.99 for 200ml) for straight hair, to help you achieve a smooth and polished finish. With anti-humidity properties that leave locks ultra-sleek and frizz-free.

Also brilliant to reduce frizz and add a polished, smooth finish is the Virtue Polish Un-Frizz Cream (RRP from £19.00 for 60ml). Uniting Virtue’s advanced Alpha Keratin 60ku formula with a host of other powerful ingredients, like Pink Pomelo (which is rich in vitamins A, C, B1 and Zinc) to nourish locks, and Gotu Kola, a multi-tasking Indian herb that promotes strength, smoothness and lustre helps to lock in moisture, this leave-in treatment cream immediately transforms the hair’s texture, conditioning and smoothing hair and eliminating frizz – locking out humidity as it goes to visibly reduce frizz and flyaways. Also, smells positively lush!

To add natural volume to your loose hair styles, something like the Christophe Robin Instant Volumising Mist with Rose Water (RRP £30.00 for 150ml), is positively brilliant for fine, coloured or sensitive hair, as it adds volume whilst also caring and hydrating hair from root to tip.

Waves for Days:

For curls that last through the heat, T3’s convertible collection creates endless summer styles that won’t drop. Easily created by interchanging your barrels on the Whirl Convertible Base (RRP £85.00), T3 ambassador David Lopez gives us tips for each style:

Soft Waves: For easy, breezy, beautiful soft waves, wrap your tresses around the Loose Waves 38 mm Barrel (RRP £75.00). Enjoy the haute days that turn into nights – they won’t last as long as these waves will.”

 Bring The Curlshine: Try the Defined Curls 25mm Clip Barrel (RRP £75.00) for classic and polished locks that will light up a room even when the sun goes down.

 Beach Brunch Waves: Beach waves and mimosa’s are here, and T3’s Undone Waves 25mm Barrel (RRP £75.00) creates the perfect beachy, mermaid waves, creating defined curls and natural-looking styles.

 Volume Vacation Day Curls: Turn up the volume and feel flawless with the Voluminous Curls 38 mm Barrel (RRP £75.00), creating brilliant, bouncy bombshell curls with volume.”

 Beach Within Reach: Wind your locks around the Cascading Waves 19-32mm Reverse Tapered Barrel (RRP £75.00) for bouncy definition and a lustrous, long-lasting look.”

 Polished To Perfection: For quick curls that last, the Polished Curls 32mml Clip Barrel (RRP £75.00) is perfect for creating ultra-glam, runway-worthy curls so fast you can run out for last-minute summer cocktails in seconds.”

 Breath Of Fresh Hair: Flaunt your mane with a bit of extra definition from the Tousled Waves 32-19mm Tapered Barrel (RRP £75.00). Made to create undone, natural waves and curls perfect for a natural, effortless everyday look.

(Available from Current Body, Look Fantastic, Beauty Bay, NET-A-PORTER, and

Then add definition and a tousled textured finish to your beachy waves, with a matte finish and medium hold with the Jerome Russell BStyled Wave & Salt Spray (RRP £6.99 for 100ml), which is enriched with Pomegranate and Turmeric and a unique bond-building technology that adds body to fine hair.

Or if you prefer a more polished finish, opt for the Shedid & Parrish Curl Control Serum (RRP £28.00 for 150ml), as this botanically infused serum will fight frizz to ensure hair is left bouncy with a flexible hold. The Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein in the formula will reduce the hair’s porosity and strengthen it from within, leaving it healthier, shinier, and easier to style. Additionally, Corn Starch helps to prevent frizz, even in high humidity, meaning curls are defined all day long and hair is left feeling soft. And depending on how fine or thick your hair is, I recommend starting with a small amount of product and working it into the hair, as a little goes a long way with this serum and also you don’t want to overload your hair with too much product which might actually make your curls lose definition.

Remember especially when dealing with curls, to detangle and comb or brush through while using your conditioner or masque, and never on dry hair. Using something like the WetBrush Go Green Charcoal Comb (RRP £7.99) or WetBrush Original Detangler (RRP £11.99) will help you achieve the best results when detangling your hair.

Also, opting for a curl care specific range, like the Ouidad Curl Shaper Range, will help keep hair hydrated and curls shaped, fresh and defined for longer. I particularly love the Bounce Back Reactivating Mist (RRP £24.00 for 250ml) to give 2nd day hair a new lease of life, by rehydrating and redefining curls and waves, and it smells fab too!

Do It Up:

Joana Neves, Editorial Director at ALTERNA Europe says:

Buns, low ponytails and braids are amongst the top hairstyling trends this Summer – low maintenance styles that require no heated styling but can be enhanced with the use of styling products. Using a texturising spray like the ALTERNA My Hair. My Canvas. Any Way Texture Spray (RRP £24.49 for 148ml) is a great way to add texture to your braids and low ponytails and can be scrunched into the hair damp or dry, providing your hairstyle with flexibility whilst allowing it to be long-lasting. When creating a bun hairstyle, I love to use the ALTERNA My Hair. My Canvas. Another Day Dry Shampoo (RRP £24.49 for 142gr). This product is perfect to use before creating any updos, giving the hair added grit and volume whilst refreshing the hair and giving it a soft appearance and feel.

Some more tips for these Summer styles come from Celebrity Hairstylist Dionne Smith:

Braids: “Braids aren’t going anywhere this summer with many opting for this style to protect their natural hair, and there are so many varieties that are incredibly versatile such as box braids, fishtail, plaits, microbraids, cornrows… the list goes on! Braids can look beautiful worn down for your get up and go look, but they can also be worn up as a multi-braided top knot or bun, tied up in a ponytail, or braided into larger braids! To keep braids looking healthy and fresh for longer, make sure you exfoliate your scalp to get rid of any dry flakes.” Says Dionne Smith.

Image Courtesy of ALTERNA Haircare

We recommend something like the Philip Kingsley Vitamin C Jelly Brightening Hair Treatment – Vitamin C Detoxifying Hair and Scalp Treatment (RRP £28.00), which deeply cleanses, removing impurities caused by hard water, pollution and styling products. The antioxidant-rich potent Vit C powder-to-jelly formula (first of its kind) applied pre-shampoo, restores hair’s natural radiance, and reveals strands that feel weightless, soft and strong. It also protects the scalp against oxidative stress, helping to neutralise damaging free radicals.

Ponytails: “During the summer you can never go wrong with a ponytail. Whether it’s high or low, with a fringe out, or laid down edges – they always look sleek and are a great hairdo go-to!

I love to add texture to a ponytail by either using a salt spray (like the aforementioned Wave & Salt Spray by Jerome Russell) and tousling that through the hair, or you can create curls by wrapping your hair around your favourite hair straightener.”  Or curling wand, I say, and I love any of the above mentioned T3 Wands for this, obviously!

Image Courtesy of ALTERNA Haircare

Be sure to use heat protection spray, (also mentioned above by Jerome Russell) as it has a Plex ingredient that is bond-building and helps defend hair from damage. Wait for your hair to completely dry before applying any heat. If your hair is thick, spray each layer to make sure your hair is fully covered and protected. Keep those curls locked in all-day with hairspray. I like to use Duck and Dry Fix Your Quiff All Round Hairspray (RRP £16.00), as it is weightless, and gives a flexible long-lasting hold that doesn’t leave hair crunchy or sticky.

Top Knots:

Another great summer up-do is a top knot. These can be sleeked back, textured, curly, plaited – however you want it! They’re very easy to do and make an instant hair impact.

Image Courtesy of ALTERNA Haircare

Dionne recommends you start with a leave-in conditioner. Personally, I love the Khali Min Clean Cream (RRP £25.00 for 120ml), because it hydrates, conditions, repairs and tames hair without weighing it down, which in turn smooths and helps reduce frizz. Then use the Bio-Ionic 3-in-1 Styling Iron in the straightener function to smooth the hair out, and then swipe it up into a ponytail to then create the top knot.

“The trick is to hold the hair up and then fold it back leaving some hair to wrap around the base. You can then use product to lay down any edges, and hairspray to keep it in place.

Short Crop:

Image Courtesy of ALTERNA Haircare

The super short pixie is back with a bang for SS21! A perfect hairstyle for those who want to enhance their facial features and who want less hair to manage throughout the warmer months. This style can be tailored to suit your face shape and is great for making your eyes really pop. This haircut can be styled with a texturising spray to give it a more relaxed, effortless and messy finish or you can also wear this more wet in appearance for a chic, catwalk ready finish, perfect for those nights out on the town and special events. Use a gel like ALTERNA Caviar Professional Styling’s Luxe Crème Gel (RRP £31.95 for 150ml) to achieve this look, adding shape, shine and definition to your hair whilst also restoring hydration, strength, vibrancy and elasticity due to the effective ingredients within this gorgeous product.” Says Joana Neves, Editorial Director at ALTERNA Europe.

So which style are you going to rock this Summer?

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