We’ve all heard the age old saying ‘tidy workplace, tidy mind’ and this can apply to many other aspects of our lives, not just work.

How many of us have woken up in the morning, and frantically tried to find that shirt that we wore to our cousins wedding 6 months ago, or those running trainers that we haven’t used since our last health kick – truth is, our wardrobes can prove just as challenging to navigate if they aren’t properly organised and maintained.

So where to begin? I’ve collated some of my secret top tips to getting that wardrobe ready for when you return to work, which I hope in turn will make your life that little bit easier when the time comes…

1 Don’t Work Alone – If you haven’t got someone to help in the house, video call someone, you will need their advice as you work through this, not to mention, it’s always more fun involving someone else and having a bit of a catch up whilst doing it.

2 Clear Space – Create a space (mine is usually my bed) where you can put everything, and clear your wardrobe so you’re starting with a clean canvas as it were.

3 Ask Questions – As you work through your items, as yourself and your friend ‘Will I really wear this?’ ‘Does it flatter me?’ ‘Do I have anything to go with it?’ ‘Does it still fit?’ – this will determine whether the piece belongs in your wardrobe, or whether someone else out there can benefit from having it in theirs.

4 Organise, organise, organise – Put everything you’re keeping in the wardrobe in a way that makes sense to you, if you don’t colour coordinate then why organise your clothes this way? Perhaps you want outfits together, maybe you want to categorise the types of clothing, whatever you find works for you is what I always recommend. Folded clothes should be neat and rotated as used, so don’t put clean clothes on the top, put them on the bottom and then you’re more likely to wear everything you’ve got. And for a top tip, if like me you like uniformity, try using the same types of hangers, and leave the clothes a finger space apart, it will look neater and more appealing to the eye.

5 Stand Back – Once you think you’re done, stand back, take a photo, show your friend, and be sure that you are happy. There are no rules on how much or little clothing you need, I would just look at what you wear regularly, if you haven’t worn it in 6 months or more, do you still want / need it? Try and keep a good selection of ‘capsule’ or ‘core’ items such as jeans, and white and navy (or black if it suits you) items as these will pair easily with other colours.

The items you don’t want or need anymore, can then either be taken to charity, or (post lockdown of course) you can host a swap party, where your friends can bring their unwanted items along and everyone can swap for the pieces they love – the key thing to remember is that clothes don’t have to end up in landfill, so think outside the box and be inventive with what you do with them…

If you’re really stuck, many great stylists offer Wardrobe Edits, and these can even be done over a video call, so search for some local reputable stylists in your area or contact us and we can source one for you…

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