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Intelligent haircare brand Grow Gorgeous has announced a new SENSITIVE range which has been expertly formulated with skincare-grade ingredients to help soothe, moisturise and comfort sensitive scalps that are prone to experiencing redness, itchiness and dryness.

Both fragrance free and dermatologically tested, the Grow Gorgeous Sensitive routine includes a gentle Micellar Shampoo to softly cleanse and calm, a Replenishing Conditioner to deeply moisturise strands, and a Ceramide Rich Overnight Scalp Mask targeting red and flaky scalps. The routine leaves even the most sensitive of skin with a calm and comforted scalp and silky-smooth hair from root to tip. For all sensitive, irritated and itchy scalps this range was formulated with Fermented Cica Extract (Tiger Grass), Raspberry Seed Oil, Fermented Rice Water and Camellia Japonica Seed Oil. The entire range is incredibly soothing, effective and gorgeous to use as an alternative to your traditional haircare range when targeting occasional sensitivity or flare-ups or more consistently if you suffer from persistent itchy or irritated scalp conditions. It might feel strange to use a completely fragrance free hair care range, but if we look at it the same way we would skincare, and considering how fragrance is often an irritant, it makes perfect sense, and the range is so beautifully crafted you’ll find you’ll have no problem using it and more importantly, it works!

Robin Parker, Technical Director for  British Beauty Experts Acheson & Acheson, said:

We have adapted our Skinification approach further when formulating the new Sensitive range. Many consumers recognise that they have scalp issues which manifests into itchy, flaky and dry patches which are prone to redness. Grow Gorgeous scientists have tackled all these concerns using the latest skincare technology including Bio Fermented Plant Extracts to moisturise and calm skin. Olive derived Ceramides have been shown to improve the skin barrier function, which is important as loss of barrier function is known to be an important factor in many sensitive skin issues. All the formulas are also fragrance-free to suit customers who often have sensitivity to perfume ingredients. All the formulas have also been tested on a specialist panel of up to 150 consumers – all of whom have reported suffering from scalp concerns. The results have been fantastic with over 90% of the panel reporting that their scalps felt soothed after two weeks using the Sensitive routine.

STEP 1: Ceramide Rich Overnight Scalp Mask, RRP £25.00

A targeted overnight treatment specifically designed to combat irritated, itchy scalps. The hero ingredient is the soft and gentle Ceramide, a multi-functional active with a synergetic blend of Olive and Castor Oils to help rebalance the skin’s natural defences. This is combined with the high carbohydrate ingredient Fermented Agave Extract which helps to reduce the appearance of visible redness. Both the scalp and hair are left feeling stronger, moisturised and nourished. Apply a generous amount from root to tip and leave overnight, once or twice a week depending on your level of sensitivity. Gently wash it out in the morning.

Why is it so important to take care of our scalps? Is it essential for a healthy hair journey?

“When talking scalp care, there are a number of different aspects to look at from a Trichology point of view. There are 3 aspects we think about to create a systematic rhythm and approach to caring for your scalp based on hair type and texture, quality of your scalp and what’s going on in your body. Scalp health absolutely lies at the core of a healthy hair journey, as the scalp houses the hair follicle so it is important to treat your scalp accordingly to create the best environment for healthy hair follicles. Your scalp condition is based on your genetics, hormones, lifestyle and any medications – all these factors will then direct how healthy that hair follicle is.” – Bridgette Hill, Trichologist

STEP 2: Micellar Shampoo, RRP £14.00

Refreshes both the scalp and strands without stripping or drying hair of its natural oils. Used for centuries to reduce redness and soothe hair follicles, soothing mineral Allantoin ensures hair is left moisturised and thoroughly conditioned from root to tip. Fermented Cica and Cactus Extract provide a soothing sensation while relieving scalp sensitivity. Finally, Fermented Rice Water is used to calm inflamed skin and keep skin issues at bay. Massage into wet hair, massaging from the scalp through to the ends to remove dirt and soothe sensitivity.

 What can cause scalp irritation / flakiness and dandruff etc?

“Firstly, we need to understand if we have any medical or health issues that may be a contributing factor to scalp abnormalities. There are many common and more simple causes such as dryness or dehydration which means a serious lack of moisture. If you specifically suffer from dry, dehydrated scalps or flaky dandruff then fatty acids are going to be great. I am a huge fan also of pre-shampoo treatments when you suffer with sensitive scalps, as this will help to reduce irritation and inflammation before the cleansing process. The Sensitive Range products are game changers for anyone who suffers specifically with dryness, dehydration and dandruff as you are trying to heal your scalp. It’s important to not over exfoliate, nourishing is the key and not stripping!” – Bridgette Hill

STEP 3: Replenishing Conditioner,RRP £16.00

The Sensitive Replenishing Conditioner is designed to provide intense moisture and nourishment to dry and sensitive strands. contains upcycled Raspberry Seeds and responsibility sourced Camellia Japonica Seed Oils – both of which are rich in Omegas. These essential fatty acids not only help to maintain the scalp barrier function, but also decrease the appearance of redness and help to soothe and hydrate the scalp. Hair will be left feeling nourished with enhanced shine.

Can we link internal and external factors to sensitive scalps?

“All things hair and scalp are multifaceted so there are so many different factors to take into account – diet, genetics, hormones, stress etc. There is still a-lot we just do not know but we do know that a diet rich in yeast and fats have a correlation between unhealthy and problematic scalps and we do know that high cortisol levels and inflammation can create highly turned over, disruption of the microbiomes.” – Bridgette Hill

“We have the understanding that microbiomes in our gut can lead to problematic skin so in return, the scalp follows. As mentioned, stress can also lead to other problematic issues including triggering skin affects.” – Robin Parker

Ingredients to hero and also stay away from if suffering from sensitive skin

“Fatty Acids and nourishing components are what we are looking for when suffering with sensitive scalps. There are a lot of shampoos on the market that contain ingredients that do a lot of stripping and have the opposite effect of what we are trying to achieve. It’s important to get the balance right so we are nourishing the scalp without stripping. Keep the ingredients simple, in the Sensitive Range we have added no additional ingredients or harsh detergents. Anything rich in fatty acids, oat lipids and natural ceramides are all great in building the barrier function as this helps to slow down the water loss so your skin retains moisture. Cactus Extract and CICA also act as great anti-inflammatories which are all formulated within the Sensitive Range.” – Robin Parker

“In regards to staying away from ingredients, stay away from tea tree and citrus based oils! They are too aggressive for sensitive skin as they contain high levels of allergens.” – Bridgette Hill

What’s more, the new Sensitive range is delivered with a more sustainable approach, with all Sensitive packaging being completely recyclable. The Shampoo and Conditioner Duo tube sleeve and tube head are made from 90% sugarcane derived biopolymer, which means 62% of the plastic used in the new Sensitive range is manufactured from a renewable source. Sugarcane biopolymer provides a much lower carbon footprint than conventional plastic, because growing plants removes CO2 from the atmosphere and keeps it stored throughout the entire product life. Biopolymer is fully recyclable at the end of life, and there is no difference in performance or appearance to the end result. The Sensitive Ceramide Rich Hair and Scalp Mask carton is also fully recyclable, and the bottle and nozzle can both be recycled together.

Available from 11th February at Grow Gorgeous and Look Fantastic

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