World renowned producer Gryffin has today released his first track of 2021, entitled ‘I Want Love’. This time collaborating with Two Feet, who provides the slick vocals that help to push the track forward, giving it a vast crossover appeal in the process. Gryffin for years has been making his own brand of dance music that merges electronic production with acoustic elements. It’s a style that’s seen him become hugely popular, especially with his ability to deliver uplifting melodies. The artist ended 2020 strongly with ‘Safe With Me’ which featured Audrey Mika on the vocals, a song that’s amassed 14 million streams since. Now, he looks to follow that momentum. We caught up with LA-based musician about his unique style and what we can expect in 2021.

A love for dance music grabbed the artist in high school. Engulfed by this passion and the emotions it made him feel, Gryffin was inspired to make his own take on the genre. “I first really grabbed onto electronic music when artists like Avicii and Swedish House Mafia were coming up, and it made me so full of emotion and energy I just wanted to create that similar feeling.” The artist explains, “I was also attending EDC and some of those festivals, and it just captivated me to the point that I wanted to try and make my own music that moved me that way.”

Over the years since we’ve seen Gryffin refine a unique style. The mix of electronic production alongside acoustic elements give his music a level of rawness to it which allows vocalists to add more emotion. Although, for the artist, it’s a style that is still in development. “To be honest I think I’m still refining it, but the style is kind of a hybrid of my earlier beginnings as an instrumentalist (playing classical music at a young age and rocking out with friends in high school) with my new age love of electronic sounds and dance music.” He comments, “I’ve always felt it to be natural to incorporate real guitars and pianos into music, so integrating it into dance music has always felt good to me.”

The artist ended 2020 with his hit single ‘Safe With Me’ which featured Audrey Mika. It was an addictive single that’s popularity has only grown this year. When making the record Gryffin wasn’t convinced it would be as successful as it’s been, as he explains, “I knew it was very catchy and had an honest emotional quality to it. You never know with music how it will ultimately react though.” Audrey’s powerful vocals shined on that record and it showed how important collaboration is to Gryffin, particularly as he doesn’t top-line his own records. “It’s one of, if not the most, important components of a record for me. Not only does the vocalist have to be talented, they have to bring the right emotional quality and feeling to the song to make it feel earnest and real.” He explains, “it’s a very difficult process at times, but when it works it’s magical. Audrey very much accomplished that for ‘Safe With Me’. I absolutely love her vocal performance on the song.”

With his latest release, ‘I Want Love’, Gryffin draws on Two Feet to supply the vocals. However, this time it’s the production that truly shines. With the melody continuously growing around the soft, atmospheric vocals. Two Feet is known for his alternative style and he has more of a dreamy approach to singing in comparison to Audrey, which allows more space for Gryffin to shine. Both ‘I Want Love’ and ‘Safe With Me’ are certified bangers but both for opposing reasons.

2021 looks set to be a huge year for Gryffin, with an album in the works and lots of material to be released across the year. It comes after his debut album Gravity released in 2019, which featured the likes of Aloe Blacc, Carly Rae Jepsen and MARINA. Creating an LP in comparison to EP’s and singles are a totally different experience, particularly for electronic artists. However, it wasn’t a shock to Gryffin. “The process was natural, but a lot more time consuming and challenging than I initially thought.” He proclaims, “you kind of just say, “oh hey i’m going to make an album” but don’t realize the complexities and challenges of actually making it until you grind through it. It’s very rewarding, and I am currently underway on album #2!”

Two Feet adds a dreamy element to Gryffin’s powerful production. It’s different to his recent releases and through the vocals it shows us a more vulnerable side to his work. Perhaps it’s a sign of Gryffin’s versatility and if so, that leads us in good stead for the rest of the year. You can catch ‘I Want Love’ below!

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