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As you know, Boyfriend Mag is passionate about finding new brands, and one caught one of our contributors eyes back in February at the Lone Design Clubs Fashion Week pop-up store in Soho. In order to help you find out a bit more about the brand, one of our contributors Vitalij Sidorovic sat down with the Founder and Designer of NATA Studio.

Can you introduce yourself and your brand ?
My name is Nathalie Saad and I am from Beirut Lebanon. I studied Fashion Design at the Lebanese American University. The program was in collaboration with Elie Saab and London College of Fashion after which time I pursued my studies at IED Barcelona with a Postgraduate program in Fashion Product Management. In 2018 I decided to start my own fashion brand after multiple internships.

NATA Studio was founded in 2018. The label provides a new embodiment of rebellious causes and blissful dreams. It offers urban chic ready to wear clothing for men and women and defines itself through different stories related to social issues and merges the melancholy of a movement with the spirit of artistic bliss.

Who were your role models and how do they inspire you?
I was always inspired by Schiaparelli and how the designs push the boundaries giving a feel of surrealism but at the same time I was also very inspired by the simplicity of Jacquemus and its strong identity throughout his collection.

Can you tell us how you got be a designer and about your training ? Anything you’ve learned that you feel would help anyone else considering a career as a designer?
I always had this need to create, from a very young age I had a lot of ideas in my mind. I would love to paint, do collages, playing with textures and structures. I started my fashion journey in my teenage years by cutting up and changing my friends clothing and changing their designs. I then realised that fashion was my way of expressing my ideas and thoughts. When I applied and started studying my major in Fashion Design, I fell in love with it and knew that I wanted to have my own brand. A lesson I have learned is that determination and hard work gets you wherever you want and that you should never give up on your dreams.

Your designs are inspired by events happening in Lebanon, can you tell us how they inspire you and what is your message/ethos?
Every collection I get inspired by what is happening around me and in our society. This collection especially was inspired by my country. This October my country witnessed a revolution, the Lebanese were faced with an economic crisis causing unemployment and corruption. We started strikes on the streets to demand our basic rights and to get our country back from corruption. I witnessed on those streets, the unity of people from different social classes, and religions all dancing and chanting together hand in hand. I then realised how powerful music was. People escaped to nightclubs and parties on the weekends, not because they still had the money to do so, but because of this need to escape from their troubles and dance to the music. The power of music and it’s ability to promote freedom inspired my fall collection.

You have visited London recently, what difference did you see in the way people dress here in London versus that which you see in Lebanon?
What I liked about the streetwear in London was that people were more daring and would wear really eccentric pieces and experiment with their style especially when it came to menswear. I feel that in Lebanon the fashion scene is expanding and people are more interested in different styles but London has for sure a step ahead in fashion.

What do you most enjoy doing in what you do?
What I enjoy the most is the creative process from research, to fabric shopping, to design, I feel really inspired during this stage in the making of a collection. I also love to experiment with fabrics and textures.

And finally, what’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
That failure doesn’t exist, it is only an obstacle to get where you want and that everything happens for a reason all you need to do is keep on going until you get where you want.

You can find out more and shop designs at https://lebelik.com/designer/nata/

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