At the tail end of last year, Swedish musician Bontruce burst onto the scene with his debut single ‘Salvation’. A song that encapsulated upbeat house production alongside intricate song writing. There’s no hiding the artists talent, given he takes on the entire process of composing, producing, and writing his tracks, he really is a modern-day one-man band. The fact he chose to release his debut track during the most unpredictable year in living memory, shows great courage and a daring attitude that looks set to path his way to new heights.  

“2020 was a tough year to make my debut as an artist, but it only gave me an insight into how difficult it is to actually succeed in reaching the masses. I have to fight; nothing will come for free.”

Prior to ‘Salvation’, Bontruce released a remix of Kane Brown’s hugely popular single ‘Be Like That’ which featured Swae Lee & Khalid. It was another successful release that fed the world a taste of what the artist was about. In fact, the Swede’s remix was so far from the down tempo original that it feels like a different song altogether. The artist had an ability to work vocals into dance music in a fresh way whilst maintaining nostalgic elements.

This skill set is heard perfectly on ‘Salvation’, with his own effortless baritone vocals sitting at the heart of the song. With the production often transitioning around his lyrics, it’s hard to imagine a Bontruce single that doesn’t use a vocal. It’s something he’s been experimenting with all his life. “I started writing songs when I was very young.” The artist comments, “I did not know English very well, so I sang mostly jibberish. I was fascinated by how to record multiple voices, of the same person and then how to stack them over each other.”

On ‘Salvation’ we saw the artist take on all elements of the song single-handed, a true one-man band. Although, the element of song writing and singing alone doesn’t look to be a long-term plan. “It’s not that I really prefer it that way, it’s much harder than co-writing songs. I really prefer to work with someone else as a singer.” Bontruce states, “I find it a little difficult to work with your own voice sometimes. It always feels like a demo then, like I’m waiting for someone else to sing the song. There is almost no one who writes all by himself today and I understand why.  It is much more fun to work with others.”

Bontruce describes ‘Salvation’ as a “summer song” that’s “a little old school but still new” and it was a fantastic first release by anybody’s standards. Whilst the artist looks set to continue drawing inspiration from both the natural world and the dichotomy between humans and the planet, his eyes turn to getting his name out there more in 2021. We think it’s just a matter of time until he does exactly that. “My aim is to grow on social media and release a lot of good songs.” The artist explains, “from what I learned; they seem to be the main ingredients to succeed as an artist today. But of course, it is always most important with good songs. Because so many songs are released today, you really have to stand out from the crowd.”

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