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Fresh talent alert! Although 2020 has given all of us more than its fair share of Lemons, it has however given us that extra time to discover special talent that may have drifted by in the past. 19-year-old, South African singer-songwriter, Courtney Jade has just dropped her latest single: ‘In Your Head’. A production that’s full of soul and showcases the emerging talent’s dreamy vocal range.

The song was inspired by Courtney’s experience in previous relationships and the difficulties in reading what the other half is thinking, as the singer comments: “Through the writing process of this track I was able to freely express my own difficulties in past relationships and so my desire is that those who listen to this song might find some comfort in doing so too.” 

Citing fellow female vocalists Tash palmer and Sabrina Claudio as significant influences, Courtney had previously undergone seven years’ worth of vocal training before taking the leap into releasing her own music two years ago. ‘In Your Head’ marks her eighth single on this journey and with each release the artists sound becomes more refined. With support already coming from BBC’s ‘Introducing’ outlet, you’d think it’s only a matter of time until her voice reaches a bigger audience.

The future is certainly bright for Courtney, and with any luck 2021 might just be the year she breaks through. “This track is only the start of many more with similar music composure.” The artist states, “I’ve spent the past 2 years exploring and refining my music and so my aim is to continue to push myself in developing my music career. I’ve already got some new songs that I wish to release soon, a few are collaborations with other artists too.” Keep your eyes peeled.

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