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If you’re anything like me, music will be your saving grace during this lockdown. It’s been the cure to my wondering brain, whether it be boredom or anxiety from reading the news. The beauty of having more spare time is discovering new talents that perhaps I wouldn’t have had the chance to do before. This week, London based R&B producer, Jay Nebula was the latest talent to catch my eye.

February saw Jay release his debut single, “Fool For You”, an emotional and personal song, where electronic production took R&B into unknown territory. It was an encapsulating debut, the artist wasn’t hiding behind a façade of any kind, it was raw and set the pace for what was to come.

Nebula released his latest single, ‘Liars’ in March. The song sees him collaborate with the ever impressive Raphaella, who in her own right, has written and vocal credits working with the likes of MK, Rudimental and Gorgon City. The outcome show’s two young talents, at the top of their game. The artist continued with his personal approach, and if anything made a song that was even more emotive.

By laying his personality bare and trusting in his songwriting skills, he appears relatable, which allows us to connect to the singer. Clearly this is just the start for Jay Nebula, fearless in his writing approach and confident enough to test himself alongside one of the most recognisable voices around. His potential is endless, one to keep an eye on.

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