Actress turned pop sensation; Kayla DiVenere has just dropped her addictive new single ‘Justin Bieber’. A song dripping in nostalgia and layered in tongue in cheek lyrics playing around with themes of infatuation and celebrity crushes. The 16-year-old American has landed a pop banger through the eyes of a teenager. Perhaps ironically, the subject of the song also landed stardom in his teens so maybe Kayla will follow along the same path. Although, Kayla isn’t someone who’s new to the spotlight, having been in American TV series since 2013, best known for her roles on Law & Order, Hulu’s Love and Victor & Hulu’s ‘Light as a Feather’.

Commenting on her latest single, Kayla describes ‘Justin Bieber’ as a song that “conveys a comedic side to infatuation, where reality and Hollywood life blend together. Justin was every young girls dream celebrity crush, leading me to write a song that is so relatable. Bieber was always a role model and inspired me to play multiple instruments and follow my passion. During the writing process we made sure to incorporate fun little hints and clues of Bieber’s past such as his song titles “you could be my BOYFRIEND; I could be your BABY.” Throughout the creative process we made sure to keep the song light and comedic.”

‘Justin Bieber’ displays Kayla’s endless potential, as well as a level of maturity far beyond her teenage years. It may well serve as a platform that springboards her musical reputation, god knows we love to pigeonhole creatives to just one medium, but she’s well on her way with over 400,000 Spotify streams on previous singles. The future looks incredibly bright for the American and it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw her begin to take over the pop world in years to come.

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