Surrey born, indie-pop star Sam and Sounds, entered the music scene at the beginning of COVID-19. Despite the inevitable risks involved with the timing, a year later and Sam offers a plethora of feel-good tracks to brighten these dark days, accumulating almost two million streams along the way. It was a career that was always meant to be, ever since Sam took to his high school stage at the age of 17 to perform in front of his peers, he never looked back, as he explains, “I just loved it so much I decided to pursue it as a career”, and with his school’s career advisor telling him ‘you’ve found your happy place’ – Sam couldn’t have agreed more! With Sam now able to boast previous releases ‘Mamma Mia Girl’, ‘In Time, She’s Mine’ and ‘Cloud 9’ being crowned Track of The Day by BBC Introducing South, alongside recent singles ‘Silly’ and ‘Weird Day’, 2021 looks to be just as successful for the artist.

Sam and Sounds’ first 2021 release ‘Silly’ is full of energy, emotion, and undeniably infectious. ‘Silly’ is the feelgood indie-pop jam destined to take the year by storm. Sam’s latest single ‘Weird Day’ looks to change up the usual upbeat sound. A song that was originally ‘just meant to be about liking sleep’ soon took a deeper meaning, as with so many of Sam’s tracks, it became personal for him and the meaning became ‘driven by not being able to hold or hug my girlfriend during national lockdown’. Full of emotion, ‘Weird Day’ is still distinctly Sam and Sounds.

Sam further describes ‘Weird Day’: “‘Weird Day’ was, at first, meant to just be a song about liking sleep! But it turned into a much deeper concept. The idea that dreams might be the only way of being with someone you love really appealed to me. For me personally, the meaning of the song was driven by not being able to meet up with or hold and hug my girlfriend during the national lockdowns caused by the pandemic. However, I’ve since realised that the lyrics to the song could well represent different situations to so many people.”

Starting his career in this most unprecedented time, Sam knew the importance of social media. Having flourished not only musically but also on the social media scene, Sam takes time to recognise that while not being able to perform live and meet his fans, that interaction with him is vital. “I owe everything to my fans… I want to give my fans the time of day they deserve. Social media allows that.” With the world seemingly at Sam and Sounds’ feet there’s only one thing to expect for the rest of the year: ‘more music, getting better every time’. It’s been a year that he can only describe as “a super surreal journey, and one that I still don’t think I have wrapped my head around.” With plenty of optimism around 2021, Sam’s music will continue to bring the feel-good heartfelt sound we love and even Sam himself is hopeful that at some stage this year he will be able to bring it to us live. “Also, shoot me down if you think I’m crazy but I’m still holding out hope that there will be some form of live music this summer too.”

You can listen to Sam and Sounds’ latest single ‘Weird Day’ below.

Words – Owen Quinn

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