New kid on the block 'Worry Club' delivers a pop music psychadelic treat with their latest single 'Jonesin'

Fast rising, US pop music sensation Worry Club returns with his latest single ‘Jonesin’, a magnificent piece of dreamy, psychedelic pop that leaves us longing for more. The release comes after a breakout year in 2020, where singles ‘Japanese’ and ‘In My Ear’ set the bar high, and ‘Jonesin’ sees the artist continue to ride that wave of momentum, showing no signs of slowing down. The project is the solo work of Chase Walsh, a young songwriter, originally from Chicago who’s gained plaudits across the globe, all whilst producing his music from his bedroom. A key component to the Worry Clubs success is his emotive lyricism, where the artists sonic output often appears intimate and vulnerable, making it easy to relate to, and often warming.

On the introspective approach to his music, Worry Club sees it as a way of helping others, often through retracing difficult moments, as he explains:

“I’ve gone through a lot of shit in my life at a really young age. I feel like I had to grow up really fast. I want anyone in a similar situation to know that there’s a way out. I just want to give people hope. If I can make music, anyone can do it.”

Music has also helped the artist mature, learning from his rise through the industry, there’s a newfound humble nature to everything he approaches:

“If I made a video that blew up, I used to be like, ‘Oh, that’s what I do now.’ But now I know enough to be like, ‘Prior success doesn’t define me,’ Walsh explains. “I was some kid online who people thought was cute, so I played into that. What else could I have done? I liked people listening to my music. I would never do that anymore, though, because I realized the only thing of value is the music that I make. I make music, and that’s what I do. That’s all I love.”

‘Jonesin’ is yet another exciting release that adds to an intriguing back catalogue. Already accumulating millions of streams on Spotify alone, it looks like it’s just a matter of time before Worry Club blows up even further. Perhaps what’s most beautiful about the artists rise is the close knit fanbase that’s grown organically alongside. Born through live performances on Instagram throughout the pandemic, Worry Club’s warmth and selfless nature makes him a rather loveable figure.

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