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Image by Elizabeth Donovan

Over the years Sweden has exported some of the world’s most exciting music talents, from ABBA to Robyn, the Scandinavian country never fails to deliver special talent. Their latest export comes under the name ‘Violet Days’, the ‘nom de plume’ of singer-songwriter Lina Hansson. After releasing her first EP last year, entitled ‘Made In My Head’, Violet Days quickly gained a legion of followers thanks to a beautiful sound and a fearless approach to song writing. Which has now led to her songs being streamed over 20 million times on Spotify.

For Lina music was always a huge interest of hers, even as a child

“My family played music and instruments all the time as I was growing up. My interest really peaked when my brother bought me ‘Complicated’ by Avril Lavigne for my 13th birthday. When I heard that I was obsessed, I knew this was the sort of music I wanted to listen to and to make. Because of that song I learnt to play the guitar and steal chords from other songs and make my own melodies. At that point I knew I could write a song.”   

Image by Elizabeth Donovan

One of the most challenging parts of creating the style of music Violet Days has become synonymous for, is revisiting past emotions that are sometimes best forgotten, this appears most when writing songs.

“You really have to dig into the past and into your feelings on a really deep level. I feel like if you want to create something special and something that will connect to other people, you need to be real. Sometimes writing can enter quite emotional areas and when you write with other people, bearing your heart to them can be an uncomfortable experience. It feels more natural now though, ‘Ink’ was my most personal single and that collaborative way of working really helped the final outcome.”

2019 has seen Lina continue to build on the success that her first full release bought. During the past few months Violet Days has toured with ‘The Midnight’ which has seen her perform across North America and over 18 cities in Europe.

“It’s been amazing, the guys have been all amazing and so supportive of each other. We did North America in the Spring and we’re on our final leg of our European tour now. We even played in Sweden, at a city called Gothenburg, it was so cool. Seeing the crowds reactions to our songs has been so amazing, when your in the studio you never quite know how people will respond, it’s been an invaluable experience.”

Image by Elizabeth Donovan

After our interview I was lucky enough to see Violet Days perform at the Camden Roundhouse, the final performance of a hectic few months of touring. I was taken aback by her stage presence, continuously engaging with the crowd, it was not only her voice that dazzled, it was her personality to. Lina is also aided on stage by Kris Eriksson, her long-term studio collaborator who helps to write and produce her work.

Just a few days after that performance, on the 15th November Lina released her second EP “Lovers & Losers. Very much a continuation from where ‘Made In My Head’ left off, the songs further explore the place where the artist currently is at.

“We’ve tried to explore different sounds this time, we always try to do something different. The last EP was a little more cinematic this EP’s style is more mixed. We made a song called ‘Libertines Jacket’ which is probably our most easy-going song we ever made, probably because we went into the studio with the intention of not writing a sad song. We wanted to write about the moment you meet someone on stage and you’re really happy and your just fun and a little flirty about it. I’d say this EP is about the relationship with yourself as well as someone else, whereas the last one was purely about my relationship with someone else.”

Image by Elizabeth Donovan

Lina and Kris also hold impressive song writing and production credits, including co-writing ‘The Chainsmokers’ global smash hit ‘Paris’, while also working with the likes of Cash Cash, Shaun Frank and Phoebe Ryan. ‘Paris’ is a huge notch to her writing abilities; the song has been played over 765 million times on Spotify, which to me is a totally surreal number.    

Lovers & Losers” also features a special cover of ‘Let It Happen’ by Tame Impala. A rather bold move, the song is hugely popular and is known for its infamous live performances. Tame Impala have also been covered by the likes of Rihanna as well which no doubt brings in huge expectation.

“It’s been my favourite song for some time and people seem to really like my cover, especially when I play it live. There was a lot of pressure with that release, I hope Kevin hears it and likes it. I was super happy with the outcome and I’m really comfortable with what we made.”

Having the confidence in her own ability to cover such a song and meet the hype that comes with it really sums up where Violet Days is right now. Having the validation from fans works wonders and we really hear it in this song.

Image by Elizabeth Donovan

With now two EP’s under her belt and a host of big-name collaborations, the future looks bright for the Swedish starlet. With an aura onstage that draws in new fans with each performance, its only a matter of time before Violet Days reaches the big time. With so much achieved in such a short space of time it would be easy to get carried away, but not for Lina

“After this EP is out, we’re going back into the studio to try and write some new material. We’re going to do some travelling to gain some inspiration. Then at the end of the year we’ll be in LA for more studio work.”

For Violet Days the work never stops, and I for one can’t wait to see where they end up.

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