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From the moment quarantine was imposed and most of us were forced to start working from home, or in some cases, not work at all, we here at Boyfriend Magazine have been inundated with emails about products, tips and ideas for maintaining your beauty routines whilst in self-isolation.

For the most part it got us thinking, “Do we really need to?”. Quite frankly, I’ve spent most of my days in my Harry Potter PJs (yes, I’m a nerd) and without a lick of makeup on, but I generally wear very little makeup as is. Yet I still maintain my skincare, haircare and bodycare routine and I do that for me, and not for the thought that someone else might see me and I need to look good.

No, I do it for my own sanity and sense of pride in myself. I still shower everyday, not just for the sake of my personal hygiene, but that sense of taking care of myself. A beauty routine can be as much a part of your wellness routine as daily exercise, meditation and healthy eating. We know our days are still quite full, even if we are stuck at home. Between working from home, homeschooling and entertaining the kids or simply taking care of the house (how many of you have started in on those home repair projects you’d been postponing forever? Spring cleaning? Cooking like a fiend?) and all the brave key workers still out there, working everyday to keep us safe, the world might seem a mighty quiet place right now, but we’re all still plenty busy.

But more important than ever now are those little bubbles of self-care. Meditate, exercise, do a home spa with bubble baths and facials, do a full face of makeup if that makes you happy. For your mental health as well as your physical one. So when you think, is it really important to carry on with my beauty regime? The answer is YES, absolutely!

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