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J JS Lee brought us elegance and simplicity with their SS19 collection. Inspired by the art of upholstery and half finished furniture, the contrast between Lee’s minimalist structured aesthetic and this raw unfinished theme gave the collection a modern twist.

Lightweight cottons and fine wools were used to give texture and volume, whilst remaining light and breathable for the SS season.

The show started off with bright canary yellows, before giving us a pop of pink, and then diving into the monochromes grey, black and white – quite a simple, yet effective colour story, but I worry that the monochromes feel quite heavy for a SS collection.

Overall, I think the collection has some great editorial looks, and I can tell some of the pieces will be highly popular in the commercial markets – those jackets and tunic dresses will be huge with the Shoreditch-goers – but I wasn’t wowed as I have been with previous collections.

See the full collection below:

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