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Discover JUSBOX, the perfumery that is set to make scents of the sounds you hear...

Italian Perfumery ‘JUSBOX’ is an exclusive range of scents that explore the connections between scent and sound.

The original creation of JUSBOX was inspired by olfaction – the sensation when old memories and emotions are brought back. We all hold different levels of memory, sight, sound, scent, touch etc, and JUSBOX wanted to create scents that give you that experience. Their scents are created with different music genres and themes in mind, thus trying to fuse these 2 senses together.

Before we get onto the scents themselves, the packing is something worth mentioning. The bottles are 78ml, an homage to the first phonographic disc that was 78 rpm, the caps look like vinyl records with different colours that signify the different fragrances in the centre. It’s these small details that bring together the whole experience for me and I’m sure many other JUSBOX lovers across the globe.

Within their product range at the moment, they have different ‘collections’:

The Icons Collection
Made up of 6 different scents, from the Bob Dylan ‘wood & spice’ inspired ‘Beat Cafe’, to Queen inspired ‘vibrant and energizing’ ‘Use Abuse’

The Genres Collection
Comprising of 3 signature scents, ‘Cheeky Smile’ inspired by acid house music, the Punk inspired ‘No Rules’ and one of my personal favourites, Jamaican inspired ‘Green Bubble’

The Reward Collection
Currently only ‘Golden Serenade’ sits in this special collection, and it’s story of how the product was created is a fascinating one and really drives home the passion and love that the creators have for music, so I would recommend going and exploring this particular scent for yourself (we wouldn’t want to spoil ALL the fun for you!)

The Music Matters Collection
These 2 fragrances explore a longer play sensation, and take your through a musical playlist to really give you a full party feeling. ‘Live n Loud’ takes you from the top nots of bergamot and cardamom (disco and hip-hop) through to the heart notes of cinnamon and geranium (rock and latino), and then finishes on the base notes of oud, amber and patchouli (punk and heavy metal). It’s sister scent ‘Feel n Chill’ comprises of a fresher selection, with top notes of bergamot and watermelon (classic and mainstream), before diving into heart notes of coconut water and fig leaves (reggae and new age) before landing on the base notes vetiver and musks (soul and blues) these scents are guaranteed to generate some olfactory sensations for you.

You can also get a Discovery Kit where it has samples of all of their scents so you can select which ones you like the most.

With so many scents to choose from, why not check out JUSBOX website to find out more about the fragrances, you can even take a musical mood test to find out which scent is the right one for you.

You can also purchase the fragrances from Selfridges £130 RRP / 78ml and Bloomingdales $190 RRP / 78ml

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