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Kean Farrar has been making strides in the music industry ever since the release of his debut single ‘Heartthrob’ in 2018, thanks to his unique brand of melancholic R&B. Flaunting the exuberant sensuality that the genre has always been loved for, the artist however draws on personal and vulnerable themes throughout his song writing to add a diverse range of emotions. Now the artist returns with ‘Suite Bittersweet’, his debut EP that only pushes his further into new territory.  Across four songs, Kean touches on different aspects of romance, often tinged with sadness, whilst glimpsing into the occasional moment of temporary infatuation and joy.

On the creative thought process behind the EP, the 22-year-old artist explains: “Suite Bittersweet is heavily inspired by the nightlife here in Berlin. I wanted to give these four songs their own space to live in, which is Suite Bittersweet. Hotel rooms have something bittersweet about them, they look nice, but are temporary. I feel like the EP’s themes, the temporal aspect of excitement and thrill pertaining to new relationships, translate well into a hotel room environment.” For the artist – who wrote and performed all the tracks on the EP, as well as produced together with RIP Swirl – the release is a truly personal piece of art, that shows just how much promise the artist has for the future.

Kean’s song writing reflects his upbringing in Berlin, a city characterized by hedonistic nightlife and historical isolation. Perhaps the artists depiction of a hotel room perfectly encapsulates that. After all, in a variety of scenario’s, it can be the epitome of hedonistic freedom, whilst on the other side of the spectrum it resonates pure isolation and subtle loneliness. The artist takes this further with the music video for the EP’s lead single ‘Plz Don’t Go’, where we see Kean tell the songs story in a hotel room, with the camera rotating 360°. With each spin a new part of the story is revealed.

The EP’s highest point is certainly ‘City Life’, where Kean’s beautiful vocals translates into an infectious pop moment. Adding a positive spin to a somewhat downbeat subject, the song embodies how temporary infatuation is but celebrates it anyway. Whilst ‘Plz Don’t Go’  is about living out your fantasies, with Kean’s soothing vocal making a toxic affair almost sound pure.  What stands out throughout is not only the artists glistening vocals, or that of his infectious taste in production, it’s the unique ability to tell stories that draw the listener in. Throughout ‘Suite Bittersweet’ Kean creates metaphorical landscapes that never fail in its mission to encapsulate the listener. It’s entertaining, intriguing and transports you to a fictional world for a moment. It’s a fantastic talent to have and one that will only get even better with time.

You can listen to Kean Farrar’s debut EP ‘Suite Bittersweet’ below.

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