Dublin hailing songstress KK Lewis has been making quite the name for herself over the last 12 months. Singles ‘Loop Now’ and ‘First Bus Home’ caught the attention of many, proving Lewis to be an artist to keep a close eye on. With a powerful voice fit enough to draw any gaze, we can’t help but agree. Now, the artist has just released her debut EP ‘DREAMING’, a collection of five tracks that are deeply personal which allows the listener into her own world, full of introspective stories and complex emotions.  

Discussing her new project, KK Lewis revealed, “This EP represents a skeleton of KK Lewis. Each song explores a different version of me, revealing a new story and a new sound. It highlights the confusion and insecurity I felt during my teenage years, not feeling comfortable enough to be myself. This project follows a journey of self-discovery and creates a foundation for my sound to grow from. I recorded this EP with Papa Rua in his house. We spent a long time listening to lots of different music, talking about what we wanted the record to sound like and the story I wanted to tell.”

What’s clear from the moment you press play on the EP’s opening track ‘Loop Now’, is just how talented of a lyricist Lewis is. Instantly guiding you along the artists teenage years, detailing what it’s like to be the outsider looking in at all the popular kids, Lewis creates an autobiographical tone from the outset. This essence of opening up to her listeners is only further built upon as the EP continues. ‘First Bus Home’ reflects on teenage pursuits of love in all its subdued angst whilst ‘Good Enough’ talks about negative body images and gender stereotypes. All these topics are tackled in an intimately warm and distinctive tone, which is delivered in a totally natural way. Straight-talking, soulful and relatable, KK Lewis’ world of indie-pop is expertly crafted and easy to get lost in.

Lewis pushes her artistry further with the accompanying music video for ‘Petals’, which she co-directed alongside Louis Maxwell. Visually bringing her personality to life, it acts as the final piece of the puzzle in ‘DREAMING’s’ storyline. A series of stunning, stylistic shots underpin the visuals, as Lewis’ creativity delves into a haunting, dramatic realm that allows you to soak up her evocative and poetic intent.

‘DREAMING’ is a wonderful debut EP that often makes it easy to connect with the artist. Void of any lyrical limitations, Lewis takes us on a journey through ups and downs whilst always maintaining a beautiful warmth through her vocals. There’s a natural fluidity that shines when the artist bounces between her various personas. Honing a clear style early on that draws on folk music, with a contemporary twist, Lewis looks set to go far. 

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