Dance outfit KUU have some serious momentum behind them right now. The trio behind the moniker – singer songwriter Shungudzo and Grammy award winning producers Riton and Alex Metric – released their second single at the start of the month entitled ‘We’ll Always Have This Dance’ and today released their remix of Dua Lipa’s infamous single ‘Levitating’. These two hit releases in quick succession bring us nothing but joy during tumultuous times. Inspired by the sounds of Ibiza in its heyday, there’s a beautiful sense of hedonism in their productions.

‘We’ll Always Have This Dance’ is a tribute to the times we’re living in. A time where it’s no longer possible to hug friends on the dancefloor and where many have suffered hardship. In many ways it’s an attempt to transport the listener out of this world, even for just a few minutes. “It was first song we made working remotely from different locations and was written as something to comfort those who are currently struggling with loss or loneliness.” The group comments, “Be it lost life, lost relationships, or friendships that have been put on a temporary pause due to the pandemic. In spite of the lyrics being optimistic, I originally recorded it to a super melancholy string sample which I then sent to Alex and Henry, who were able to beautifully capture the spirit and optimism of the lyrics and melodies in the track. They completed the story.”

Their remix of Dua Lipa’s, ‘Levitation’ transports the pop hit into a euphoric production filled with Balearic and tropical inspired beats. Taken from the singer’s immensely successful latest album, Future Nostalgia, which hit #1 in the UK, it’s racked up a total 2.2 billion streams on Spotify, an insane amount. Having been asked to remix such a sought-after song, it shows the impact KUU has already made in their short time as a group.    

For any artist associated with dance music, 2020 has been one hell of a struggle. With clubs forced to close across the globe, the essence of touring has been ripped away. Unsurprisingly, when asked about their aims for 2021, KUU’s main hope is to play together live at some point. “More music and to perform live, or at least to create some kind of live experience, in the future.” States the group, “I think it’s our greatest hope to create joy. Be that by finding a glimmer of optimism in a tough situation or simply by inspiring people to dance. We’re very excited for the world the hear the body of work we have!” Let’s hope those moments of joy come back soon, until then, at least we have KUU’s studio work to make us smile.

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