Emerging singer songwriter LaVo returns with his latest single ‘Night Train’, an emotionally driven journey through the depths of mental health. Since bursting onto the scene earlier this year, the artist has already accumulated over 160,000 streams on his debut single ‘Tango’. With his latest release we see an honest lyricist, that shows no fear in showcasing his vulnerabilities. Touching on themes of loneliness, anguish, hurt and isolation, ‘Night Train’ reaches out to listeners with one common message – you’re not alone in your struggles.

Speaking more on the inspiration behind ‘Night Train’, LaVo explains: “‘Night Train’ Explores themes of loneliness, longing, hope and desperation. It is lyrically mostly about the novelty of love. The sometimes randomness of it all and the serendipity in contrast. Alluding to the sentiment of “The harder you look the less you find”. Exploring the torment of feeling lost yet finding something incredible along the way. This was something personally I had never experienced and looking back on it there still feels no way to prepare for it.”

For LaVo, mental health struggles have always been part of his life, now taking the leap into the music industry, the artist is determined to use his platform as a way of maintaining conversation around the topic. Finding solace in song writing, the artist states: “As someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety for almost 10 years, my dream is to inspire others to keep going just like the artists I used to idolize did for me. Whether it was just inspiration that I could get through those dark times, or knowing that someone that means so much to me has gone through the same things I was as a young adult. It’s extremely important to me.”

LaVo brings a refreshing energy to his music. ‘Night Train’ is ambient pop in its design and despite its deep topics, there’s a calmness that resonates throughout.  Driving for positive change and conversation, you can tell that the artist entered the industry for the right reasons. LaVo looks to 2021 with positive energy as it’s set to be a huge year for the indie artist. With his sights set on the stratosphere, we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on his journey.

You can listen to LaVo’s latest single, ‘Night Train’ below.

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