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Read all about the upcoming designers which will be featured in the next LDC Concept store, today is the turn of Conflict of Ego...

Our next designer feature in the lead up to the next LDC Concept store opening, is politically driven Conflict of Ego.

Conflict of Ego is tagged as being a philosophy clothed by a brand, and every collection harnesses a socio-political topic. The designer, Alanna, uses designs to provoke thought, and has a strong focus on bringing women together to fight for unity and support one another, whilst also not destroying the planet in the process.

The designs are catered to moods rather than any one individual customer, we all have moments where we feel like being glamorous, and other times when a hoodie and some trackies will suffice, and COE delivers clothing to suit all those occasions. Clothing ranges from slogan hoodies and tees, to ornate blouses and dresses, and whilst the price points may seem a little high, you’ve got to remember that these are all individually made, with small productions, and you’re support designers who do this because it’s what they love to do and want to make a difference in the world, to slowly eliminate the fast fashion effect which is damaging our precious planet.

We love the rebellious undertones, and conflicting prints and clashing colours, because it so rightly conveys the way many of us feel inside – torn, anxious, constantly at war with ourselves, and the brand name so accurately depicts those feelings.
Conflict Of Ego – “Different” but wearable – available online and in the LDC store which opens 9th September in Covent Garden.

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