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Bags have extended beyond function over the years, into an accessory that fully encompasses your style and personality. For many, their bag is an extension of themselves, and quickly becomes their most relied upon piece in their fashion arsenal.

Lawful London is a brand founded by Saher Bhatti, a trained lawyer who having worked for a range of global fashion and luxury brands, found an interest in fashion and sustainability within the consumer sector. Bhatti realised whilst working in London that there were not enough minimalist, timeless accessories that were cruelty-free, practical, and versatile for commuting, work and weekend needs.

Lawful London was born to do just that, making better bags in a better way, with a real focus on being timeless, ethical and functional – and what a catchy brand name too! The brand is PETA approved, and all the pieces are made using only premium vegan fabrics.

Lawful London are showcasing their designs as part of the Lone Design Club pop-up in Soho, so we asked Bhatti why she chose the LDC:

‘LDC’s concept store provides a chance to demonstrate the mix of style, sustainability and high moral standards by the visionaries of the fashion industry. We are very excited to be part of this season’s LDC LFW concept store; it’s a great opportunity for independent, sustainable brands to showcase the latest in fashion, without compromising on ethics. LDC has a collaborative and thoughtful approach to the future of fashion, which we at Lawful London are proud to be a part of.’

You can find out more and shop for your own Lawful London pieces at and you can also catch them at the Lone Design Club concept store, NOW OPEN at 14-16 Great Pulteney Street, Soho.

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