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If 2021 was hard on you then you are not alone. You could have been sitting at home for most of it either working or battling Covid. This may have had a huge impact on our physical and mental health. If that is the case you might not like the person that stares back at you when you look in the mirror or catch glimpses of your reflection. You can change this and get your confidence back by taking a look at this article. 


If the problem is your teeth then you will be reluctant to smile, this isn’t good as smiling releases happy hormones. Without these happy hormones you will be walking around miserable, and nobody wants that. You can try teeth whitening by using special toothpaste or even natural products such as charcoal or turmeric. 

If the problem is more than just a little discolouration then a trip to the dentist could be in order. They will not only recommend products that will help your teeth but they can clean them professionally. If they think your teeth could use the help of an orthodontist to correct them they will refer you to one. 


Looking after your skin and your face can do wonders for your confidence. The problem may occur due to breakouts or acne. It could look worse than it is but there is help out there for spots. Be careful with products you are using as these can clog your pores and make the problem worse. A simple light cleanser can help when you wash your face. Try and wash it every morning when you wake up and each night before you go to sleep. This will clear any dirt from your pores and open them so they can breathe better. 


If you find the person staring back has jiggly bits then there are lots of remedies to correct this. One thing you need to be aware of is that you might think you look a bit rounder when in actual fact you look absolutely fine. If your family and friends are telling you that you look handsome or beautiful then listen to them. 

If you would like to work on yourself a little bit more then you can conduct workouts at home or even at the gym if youre feeling up to it. At the gym, you can get some good use out of the equipment by partaking in the Boring But Big workout program. This was created to work out every muscle group in your body. 


Finally, if you think you don’t look nice in your current clothes then you can always change them. You may have simply outgrown your current style, this does happen over time. If this is the case then a trip to the shops is to find yourself some new clothes. It can be hard knowing what to buy and what suits you especially as your body changes over time. 

One way to get around this problem is to use the help of a personal shopper. Many shops have this feature and it is someone who helps you find the right clothes for your body and personality. There is no pressure to buy what they bring you but it may help you find clothing that you like.

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