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Whether you’re practicing your best vogueing techniques, or you’re living your best fashion fantasy, we all love a bit of the ballroom scene, and so if this sounds like you’re cup of tea, then we’re about to spill the most exciting ballroom news EVER!

Tomorrow night, Boiler Room has teamed up with HBO Max Legendary to celebrate the grand finale of ‘Legendary’ Season 2 (which if you haven’t seen it, is a fantastic vogueing competition that you really shouldn’t miss, I’ve learnt so many new moves I want to try!) with an exciting virtual show with some of the hottest and most exciting DJ’s from the scene including Jersey club queen Uniiqu3, Atlanta ballroom royalty Leonce, vogue-house fixture MikeQ & Kaos b2b Sky LaBeija and iconic dancers Arturo Miyake-Mugler, Omari Orrici, Milan Garcon & Zay Lanvin serving us the floor darling. With Gregg Evisu XL hosting all night.

On talking about the collaboration, Amar Ediriwira, Boiler Rooms Creative Director said:

“Ballroom is the queer, Black and Latin, New York–bred underground subculture that since the 70s has continued to define the very fabric of dance music, fashion and contemporary vernacular. Boiler Room is proud to partner with Legendary to showcase the visual and sonic riot that is the ball community in 2021”

And Jackie Gagne, SVP of Multicultural Marketing for WarnerMedia said:

“Legendary is as committed to celebrating the ballroom community as Boiler Room is to the international underground scene. We both strive to elevate queer Black and Latinx artists, and this partnership is a natural continuation of those efforts.”

This virtual show is turning out to be one you really won’t want to miss, so make sure you tune in via the link below, it’s sure to be ‘legendary’…

TUNE INTO BOILER ROOM X HBO MAX LEGENDARY HERE on 11 June at 19:00 EDT / 00:00 BST and don’t forget to stream the “Legendary” season now on HBO Max.

Featured Image UNIIQU3 shot by Zach Villafana (@steadyprime)

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