In January, Swedish pop sensation LOVA released her debut album Grown-ish, a piece of work that proved to be a true coming-of-age milestone for the artist. Underpinned by honest lyrics, unpredictable production, and undeniable hooks, Grown-ish was a compelling collection of personal songs. A decision to start writing songs on her own lied at the heart of this emotive approach, perhaps a daring move for such a release but one that helped elevate her music to new heights. Two months on, we catch up with the artist to learn all about the process behind the album.

Music has always played a key role in LOVA’s life, although, despite the fact she started writing songs at the age of 7, a career in the art was never thought about until she became a teenager. “Music grew on me really fast and it was the first time in my life when I felt good at something, so I felt like I had to give it a shot.” The artist explains, “when I was around 13 years old I decided to go for it and haven’t looked back since.” 

LOVA’s journey since has been a gradual ascent to pop stardom. 2020 saw the artist release five singles that acted as a prelude to Grown-ish, with each release displaying the artists endless potential. “It’s crazy to think that I had some of my best releases during a year like 2020.” LOVA states, “it’s easy to focus on all the things that didn’t happen like all the live shows I had planned for example. But 2020 actually made me become so much closer with my fans. We basically talked every day on social media and they were so supportive and excited whenever there was a new release in sight so I’m super grateful for them.”  

In January LOVA’s debut album Grown-ish was released to critical acclaim. It was a monumental moment, in many ways it felt like her career had built up to that release and with it came a lot of pressure. “Oh my gosh, I was so nervous. Releasing my debut album is a big deal to me, it’s something I can only do once.” LOVA proclaims, “so it was definitely an emotional rollercoaster making this album. But Grown-ish for me represents my past years and the transitions from being a teenager and becoming an adult. The album touches on how scary, confusing and lonely that can be but also how liberating it is when you’re in control of your own life.” 

It was a release that was a coming of age moment for the artist. LOVA articulately tells those personal stories of maturity in an introspective manner, it’s within this songwriting that Grown-ish really shines and it stems from a decision from the artist to write these songs alone, making the journey ever more emotive. “For the first time, I wrote for myself. I asked myself, ‘What are people going through?’ I wanted it to be very much like a diary and very personal.” LOVA proclaims, “it was therapeutic for me, and the title resonated with where I am in my life. It’s a way to show every side of me. All of the songs are creating the story, but the album is also what made the songs. I’m excited to be able to go back to it in ten years and reminisce how I felt during this time.” 

Sonically, the album is vast in it’s design. Alt-pop at it’s core, Grown-ish effortlessly moves between an array of sounds, never staying true to one genre, LOVA keeps us entertained throughout. “When I started writing for the album I wanted it to be very punk influenced, which you can still hear in some of the songs.” The artist explains, “growing up I loved Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson so I’ve always been very inspired by that raw and edgy sound. But I’m also inspired by so many different genres and I don’t wanna be an artist who gets tied to one sound for the rest of my career. I always wanna push myself creatively and see where I can go musically. It makes the whole process so much more fun.”  

The album has a number of hits to it’s name, including ’Black Converse’, ’Lonely Ones’ and ’Own Worst Enemy’, each with it’s own unique sonic identity. However, for LOVA a song she holds closest to her heart lies a little under the radar. “At the moment I’m obsessed with ‘Sleep Forever’. I’ve loved it ever since we wrote it, which was quite a long time ago.” The artist states, “but as soon as TeoFrans (my favorite producer/writer duo) put their magic on the production, It just took off to another level of amazingness.” 

2020 laid the seeds for LOVA’s career to go to the next level, this year with Grown-ish the artist proved she’s very much on the way to the top. Despite the promising signs, none of us know what 2021 will bring, but LOVA hopes to be rekindled with her fans sometime soon. “Hopefully we will be able to travel soon again cause I would love to spend more time in the US to write some new music.” The artist says, “I also hope that I’ll get to go on the road and play my new music around the world so I can meet my amazing fans. But otherwise I’m just excited to go back to the studio and figure out what my next release will sound like.” LOVA is an exciting talent and we can’t wait to see where the artist’s journey takes her.

You can listen to LOVA’s debut album Grown-ish below.

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