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Find out all about the LUSH Spa's - the shops biggest secret that will change what you think a spa treatment is FOREVER!

Did you know that LUSH have Spa’s?

I didn’t either!

Up until late last year, LUSH Spa’s were completely unknown to me, until I discovered their existence at the LUSH Showcase, and found the concept fascinating.
Deep within some of the LUSH stores across the UK (Poole, Bath, Cardiff, London Oxford St, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds and Edinburgh) lies a beautiful sanctuary of relaxation – where a beautician will give you a treatment that will make other treatments feel like a thing of the past!

Of course with anything that LUSH does, the spa is a total concept from top to bottom, and the treatments you get are more like sensory experiences than treatments because everything from the sounds being played, the light in the room, the smell of the room, to the touch of the massage – is thought out and carefully selected.

With this in mind, I was booked in for one of their most popular treatments called Synaesthesia which means ‘a coming together of the senses’. The treatment is described as an 80 minute light to medium massage, and it involves choosing from 11 different ‘behaviours’ which mean every treatment combination will be different for the individual.

When I entered the spa, I was taken to a kitchen area where I sat and chatted with the therapist for a bit and discussed the treatment and the expectations, I then had to select a word that I was drawn to from a chalkboard, and select a bottle from a variety of Alice in Wonderland type bottles of all shapes, colours and sizes.

These choices formed my own personalised treatment for what I need at this time, and the decisions I’ve made influence the scent of the room, the colour of the room, the massage bar scent and ingredients – everything really!

I don’t want to give too much away about the treatment itself because it is something I really hope all of you will have the opportunity to experience for yourselves one day (I’ll certainly be going back!) but just know that when I entered the treatment room, it was like entering an old log cabin (how is that even possible when you’re underneath one of Londons busiest streets???) with the sound of birds chirping, I felt completely transported to another world and that in itself was worth every penny.

This treatment (along with a few others) can be shared with a friend as a double treatment, and the whole experience will make you re-think your opinion on what a spa treatment really is!

So go, experience what LUSH considers a spa to be, and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

Synaesthesia Spa Treatment is available from the LUSH store – £140 for 80 minutes

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