Even for the most seasoned songwriter, tackling sad themes whilst managing to uplift the listener is a challenging task. Having that personal relief whilst bringing joy to another person’s day isn’t easy, as they quite literally juxtapose each other, but when it’s done right, it’s very special. For emerging Irish singer-songwriter, Lydia Ford, it’s something that appears to come naturally. Her latest single ‘Feel It For You’ is a pop gem that gives you instant summer vibes, transporting us out of lockdown and into a hopeful future. But the songs self-reflective nature sees the artist ponder over a previous relationship, and all the angst that was left behind.

Speaking about her latest release, Lydia comments: “‘Feel It For You’ is a song about a “situationship” where I was constantly trying to prove my worth and to turn it into a real relationship but, ultimately, I couldn’t make that person feel those things for me. It was co-written with producer and writer Ben Matravers (Easy Life, Josie Proto) in Leeds pre-pandemic and, despite its kind of sad lyrics, was so fun to write! It’s also the first of 3 tracks to come by summer 2021.”

The productions glossy, synth sounds are juxtaposed with the artists bitingly honest lyrics on self-reflection. Lydia’s beautifully powerful voice sits at the forefront, where her deep thoughts can be taken in, with the emotional realisation only amplified further still with the chorus’ intricate layering. ‘Feel It For You’ is deeply introspective and thought provoking. It shows Lydia’s unique talent as a songwriter to blur the lines between storytelling and upbeat production, with both working perfectly together.

Lydia’s clearly very talented and ‘Feel It For You’ shows just how much potential she has. Within the artists personal take on song writing comes a sense of vulnerability, which makes her very relatable. The artist now finds herself living in the creative sphere of Berlin, having previously lived in her home country of Ireland, and New York. Taking inspiration from everywhere she’s been, Lydia takes an international approach to her work that could very well take her voice across the world. With another two singles to come before Summer, 2021 could be a huge year for the artist.

You can listen to Lydia Ford’s latest single, ‘Feel It For You’ below.

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