Explore the exciting and innovative designs from the sock fanatical brand Jimmy Lion.

Socks aren’t just something to hide away under your footwear anymore, they have become somewhat of a fashion statement in themselves, and we’re in love with Jimmy Lion and all their designs that will make your feet the main feature. Here are some of the latest releases that we know you’ll fall in love with, and make you ‘put a Jimmy Lion sock in it’ – and by which we mean in your sock drawers of course!

E.T., Back to the Future, and Jurassic World have all been reimagined in sock form with this brilliant collaboration from Jimmy Lion and Universal Studios, and now they are adding two more classics to the mix with Jaws and Minions.

The Jaws collection comes in 6 designs featuring some of films most iconic scenes and moments alongside comic-style graphic motifs and text. Wearing these will be sure to remind you to stay out of the water…

The Minions collection features the loveable characters within 7 designs, 5 of which are for children and 2 are designed especially for those of us that like to explore our inner child. From funny facial expressions, to the characters love of bananas, these designs bring the joy and laughter of these yellow creations to life on your feet.

Now if you prefer things that go bump in the night, then you’re going to love the new Monsters collection.

Featuring 5 80’s inspired classic designs dedicated to our most beloved Halloween films, Dracula and Frankenstein. With thunderbolts, vampire teeth, and tones of blood red and gruesome green, these designs are sure to give your feet a fright.

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