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Now I know what you’re all thinking, we’ve just got over Christmas and New Years and now we have to start thinking about Valentines Day next month?! But hear me out because these are some products you won’t want to miss out on, and they’re already so popular, they just might sellout before the big day!!!

Our gorgeously inventive friends over at Lush have released a limited edition valentines day range of products alongside the announcement that their Oxford Street store will be hosting a fresh flower pop up where visitors will be able to pick up a bouquet of seasonal, local, traceable and responsibly packaged flowers – what a stunning way to show your affection to your special someone!

Not only are they lovely products to use, but they are very tongue-in-cheek and have some hilarious descriptions – which makes them even more appealing in my opinion.

The range are all ‘naked’ meaning they are packaging free which has huge benefits to the environment as it reduces wastage going into landfill unnecessarily.

Here’s our top picks from the range:

Peachy bath bomb – £3.95 / each

Give a peach of your heart to someone you love this Valentine’s day. This cheeky number fizzes slowly in the bath releasing bursts of juicy grapefruit and sweet davana. Swoon over pink swirls of colour swirling around you in the water. This is the perfect sweet treat! This is our absolute favourite, it smells amazing and lingers on the skin for hours after your bath!

Aubergine bath bomb – £3.95 / each

Because sometimes words just aren’t enough. After swiping right, the easiest way to express our feelings is with the power of an emoji. This steamy bath bomb emits scents of uplifting bergamot and fruity ho wood. Created with tongues planted firmly in cheeks, Aubergine will shoot green and blue foam from both ends. Give someone the gift of a fast fizzing tip filled with tonka and litsea. When this fizzes in the water, it creates the most beautiful bath art – go on, give it a try, and it smells divine!

American Pie naked body conditioner – £10.95 / each

Who wants a piece of the pie? You will with Fair Trade shea butter and almond oil to hydrate and moisturise. Fresh strawberry and orange puree blend delectably with vanilla absolute and linger on the skin to leave you smelling irresistibly sweet. Colombian cocoa butter from the Peace community gives this naked body conditioner its richly moisturising and protective feel on the skin. Rub all over and rinse whenever you want to give your skin a treat – YUM!

Love Token reusable bubble bar – £4.95 / each

There are a hundred wonderful ways to show your love, but a golden token is definitely up there as one of the best! Say thank you to someone you love with this luxurious, gold lustre-covered reusable bubble bar, to be held under running water for a generous stream of pine and clove bubbles. Warm up someone’s day with the rich aroma of homemade biscuits. The strong evocative scent of ginger lingers on the skin reminiscent of warm nights by the fire, ah how romantic…

American Cream shower gel £11.95 / 250g

Cleansing fresh strawberries and sweet vanilla absolute go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong. If you’re into cat-eye glasses, rock ‘n’ roll and milkshakes with whipped cream and lashings of strawberry sauce, this shower gel will be sure to tickle your fancy. You won’t be stranded at the drive-in after washing with tempting, warming benzoin, topped with softening carrageenan extract and herbal clary sage. In fact, you’ll be left hopelessly devoted to this shower gel. The american cream range is one of my absolute favourites (I religiously use the conditioner) as it smells amazing, and it really does bring all the boys to yard!

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