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Hailing from Dundee, DJ and producer AmyElle has been making waves throughout the pandemic with a slew of hit electronic productions. It was a period where the dance industry slowed down, giving producers more time to work on releases, and for the artist, her music reached a whole new audience. In the process she’s notched up almost 200 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify alone, accumulating close to 5 million streams on her last two singles, ‘Push It’ and ‘Feel The Heat’. Now the artist returns with ‘Need You Know’, the second, and final installment to the ‘Push It’ EP. Across both songs, AmyElle displays her broad, and rather eclectic taste – at points nostalgic and completely euphoric, and at others she manages to transcend a level of emotion not often seen in dance music.

Not only a highly talented producer, AmyElle is also a key figure in gender visibility, tirelessly fighting against the imbalance present within the music world. Consistently using her voice across social media, and media interviews to highlight the unlevel playing field across festival and club line-ups, whilst encouraging young woman to make the leap into the industry. Most recently she became the first female artist to land a coveted spot on Spotify’s new DJ Mix series, a feature that will give faith to many aspiring female producers that this career is certainly possible.

Coinciding with the release of her ‘Push It’ EP, we spoke to AmyElle about the inspiration behind the release, her push for gender equality in the music world, and her storming plans for 2022.

Hey AmyElle! Congrats on the release of your lastest EP. How did your creative path lead you into the world of electronic music?

I studied music & performing at LIPA and here I found my love for production which really lead to the world of electronic music. I remember highly produced records were becoming really popular in the charts and when I started to produce, I started hearing music in a different way in regards to all the elements that really made the song work and how important production was. I was working with producers for my own project (all male) but never managed to get the sounds I wanted…and thought ‘why am I not just producing and doing this myself?”… Plucked up the confidence and I swapped my course from performing to production in my final year at LIPA and really started to dive into the electronic music world.

Have you always experimented in this field, or did you explore other genres before? 

I love writing everything!! Pop, R&B, Reggae, Classical… you name it. I write music for other people too, and it’s nice to write all sorts of music – I hate to limit myself.

Your latest EP ‘Push It’ draws on old-school rave sounds throughout, contributing to a nostalgic, emotive composition. What was the inspiration behind the two tracks?

I’m really influenced from the classic house records and the history of how and why house music evolved. I wanted both tracks on the EP to have that older feel to them and both tracks to hit you in a different way.

With ‘Push It’ I wanted to achieve that classic catchy house anthem – simple soulful chant vocals and rave like classic gritty synths – a track to get you dancing and forget all your worries. ’Need You Now’ I wanted the record to pull on the heart strings a little, I still wanted a heavy drum groove but this time included some euphoric synths and emotive strings.

You recently became the first female artist to feature on Spotify’s new DJ Mix series, how important was that moment for you regarding gender visibility in the dance scene?

Yes so great! I’m really proud to be able to inspire other females to get into the dance scene and the more people that can see females in the media then the more role models there will be for other females to have the confidence or just get inspired. I’m always doing little masterclasses on my socials or just replying to messages so I was over the moon to be featured in the first ever Spotify mix!

You’ve been vocal in the past about wanting to help other women venture into producing electronic music, what steps would you recommend for those wanting to start, but unaware of the best route?

I’m so passionate about inspiring females to get producing as I know it’s a bit daunting and a lot of females lack the confidence as it’s such a male dominated field. (I know I would have loved a female producer to look up to & it took me a while to understand that I could be the sole producer on my records)…Firstly I would say that you just need to throw yourself into the deep end…I wish I did that sooner. Buy production software, Logic ProX (what I use), Ableton, Pro Tools etc.. they are all great but do a little bit of research on what is best for you. Get lessons (if you can) or masterclasses on YouTube are great. Don’t overthink it and take it step by step. Lastly tune into one of my live streams or give me a message on my socials – I’m always happy to help!

The electronic side of the music industry has always been heavily male dominated – with gender disparity seen widely across club and festival line-ups, what steps can promoters take to move things forward to a fairer and more modern direction?

Without writing a big essay to answer this question – end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you look like or where you come from etc, talent is talent and thankfully we are moving in that direction…Lineups still remain predominantly white male dominated but the Industry are starting to acknowledge and showcase black people, women, the LGBTQ+ community and other people of colour and the more representation across all media will then help with promoters and festivals taking on this talent. Obviously, there are many more factors but I’m thankful that many platforms are starting to stand up and really push ALL talent forward.

What can we expect from you in 2022? 

Firstly 2022 will (hopefully) be my first full year of touring so that is super exciting. There are some shows I can’t announce just yet that are big bucket list moments for me and I’m sitting on some releases I’m really happy with and can’t wait to show everyone!

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