Covering a song that’s garnered worldwide acclaim is a daring move; if it goes wrong then you’ll be in line for endless criticism, but if it goes well, it has the potential to springboard your career. It’s high risk, high reward. For American singer songwriter, VÉRITÉ, thankfully it did the latter. The artist’s cover of ‘Somebody Else’ by the 1975, back in 2016, went viral overnight, propelling the stars vocal ability across the world. In the years gone by since, she’s built up quite the back catalogue, with a compelling alternative pop style. Last month she released her latest EP ‘New Limbs (Vol. 1)’, an intimate collection of singles that encapsulate everything VÉRITÉ is about.

‘New Limbs (Vol. 1)’ is a somewhat more downtempo production compared to the artists previous releases, although this likely has a cause. The EP was recorded just after her US headline tour – which was sold out – got cancelled due to the pandemic. An inevitably huge moment in VÉRITÉ’s career. The artist described the EP as “more raw, and polished” than her previous releases, she comments further: “The songs were mostly written in isolation, the productions are some of my first official releases as a full producer, the content is extremely personal and close to my heart. I think it’s more of myself than I’ve ever shown.”

What’s particularly impressive about VÉRITÉ is the fact she’s managed to accomplish so much whilst staying independent and maintaining full creative control. A feat not shared by many. Having built up a back catalogue of alternative pop hits, the artist has reached over 300 million streams on Spotify alone. Driven by a “constant, slightly insane drive to pursue music”, VÉRITÉ’s road to where she is hasn’t always been straight forward, as she comments, “It feels like it’s been a very long, slow journey to where I am now.” However, the artist’s success should serve as inspiration to others trying to make such a leap whilst staying independent. VÉRITÉ is evidence that you can do it, even if others tell you that you can’t.

The artists cover of ‘Somebody Else’ by the 1975 was the springboard from somewhat anonymity to global recognition. Although VÉRITÉ doesn’t see it as a stand-alone breakthrough moment, its impact was paramount.  “Its success was a little gift” the artist comments, “it provided me the platform to continue to be the artist I want to be. It gave me freedom and I’m grateful for its success. There have been a lot of small moments that have added up to me feeling very confident that I am established and have built a solid foundation as an artist. I’m constantly pushing forward and there is always more to do.”

Describing her own style as “driving, dynamic alternative pop”, VÉRITÉ’s latest release only further cements her credibility as a globally respected musician. Having a headline tour cancelled at the last minute is enough to knock the wind out of anyone, but 2020 has taught the artist valuable lessons, as she comments: “I am capable of anything. I can stand alone. It’s one of the most important things I’ve experienced.” At this point we can only see VÉRITÉ’s profile continue to grow, with all eyes on 2021 for what will be a very special US tour.

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