American singer-songwriter MEIA has today released an empowering single entitled ‘Date Myself’. Over the course of the last two years, the lyricist has proven herself to be extremely versatile, often jumping between more serious topics and lighthearted anthems. This single is no different, with ‘Date Myself’ taking on the stigma surrounding women’s self-love and self-pleasure. Inspired by a long-distance relationship that lasted five years, the single acts as an autobiographical call to arms to all women out there to embrace your sexuality and throw a middle finger up to society’s old fashion expectations. We speak to MEIA about the songs message and what she hopes to project to women across the world.

Music was always in the artists genes, even as a child she was writing thought provoking songs. Perhaps it’s no wonder to see her grow into the unapologetic artist of today. Music has always felt so natural to me. My mom would tell you I was humming before I was singing and dancing to every beat.” The artist states, “my first experience writing a song was when I was 8 years old, lol. It was called ‘Let it out’ and it was about being unafraid to say how you feel. Looking back on the concept and my ability to turn a feeling into art – I am proud of baby MEIA.”

The themes MEIA tackles within her songs are consistently personal, whether it be via her 2019 EP ‘Boys Don’t Want A Sad Girl’ or her latest single ‘Date Myself’, the artist is guaranteed to take you on an emotional journey. As she explains, “I consider myself a very bold and honest songwriter. I think that’s what people love about my music. I always write from real life experience and ‘Date Myself’ is one example of that. Not all of the songs I write are deemed as ‘taboo,’ but I am definitely not afraid to touch on any subject. What’s ‘taboo’ to society is always evolving – hence the reason our grandparents shunned Elvis Presley shaking his hips on live TV but now we’re twerking to WAP on TikTok. We’re all human and I want my music to represent the imperfect, weird but real experiences we have.”

What we loved most about ‘Date Myself’ was it’s daring nature. A song that attempts to break the stigma around women’s self-love and self-pleasure. It’s a bold statement on an issue that isn’t spoken about anywhere near enough. Why is it that we live in a world where men can freely pleasure themselves but the moment a woman says she does so, an eyebrow is raised? Hopefully in time this will change, maybe ‘Date Myself’ will act as a steppingstone for such a movement. “I think the world has changed quite a bit and women are now, more than ever expressing their sexuality.” The artists proclaims, “men aren’t the only ones who crave sex. Women have this whole time, just likely felt the need to be “ladylike’ and quiet about it. I think it is definitely still frowned upon for a woman to be as outspoken by some but who cares. That’s why I wrote a song like ‘Date Myself’, to inspire and empower women around the world to be unashamed and embrace their sexy self.”

The story behind the song was inspired by the artists experience in a long-distance relationship over the course of five years. Without the physical touch of her partner, she had to learn to look after her own needs. With much of the world in and out of lockdown over the last 12 months, MEIA’s message will likely transcend with more than just a few women across the world right now. “Even though this subject is rarely spoken about, people ‘date themselves’ all the time.” The artist explains, “so, whether or not they sing this song quietly or out loud, I know people can relate. I think it is so important to engage with self-love and I absolutely think more women need to feel the same freedom I have. It is the most empowering feeling. I hope that more women start to care less about society’s standards and just embrace how they feel.”

Along with the stigma around women’s self-pleasure comes numerous side effects on people’s mental health. If constrictions placed upon you effect the way you live your life, then you’ll forever be a stranger in your own skin. That makes for an unpleasant living experience. “I do think they are detrimental. Under no circumstance should anyone feel like they can’t express themselves honestly.” MEIA comments, “I feel like the world now is starting to recognize that. I also think we will never be able to please society, someone is always going to have something to say, so instead we should just please ourselves.”

MEIA visually illustrates the message behind the song with a steamy music video, showcasing the artist at her most confident. By being unapologetically herself, she hopes to transfer such an attitude to women across the world. As she explains, “I teamed up with Slater Goodson to bring my vision to life. We took a couple weeks to sort out the details. Overall, I wanted the video to represent the sexy, confident and playful world I live in when I ‘Date Myself’. And I think it does just that.”

‘Date Myself’ sees MEIA tackle a very serious issue whilst maintaining a light hearted approach. In a lot of ways, writing a song like this and going all in, holding nothing back, takes great courage. It’s an issue many prefer to turn their heads away from than to actually discuss. Thankfully, MEIA approached it in a manner that promotes such discussion. If the artist continues to approach songwriting in such an intellectual way, she’ll go far, we certainly the skies the limit for MEIA. “The best part about writing songs is that there are no rules.” The artist ends by saying, there will be sessions where I write sad, serious songs and sessions where I write happy ones. I definitely will tackle personal themes in the future.” Fierce, loyal, and remorseless in her message, no ones going to stop MEIA being her true self.

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