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Michel Haddi creates a glorious film and stills campaign exploring themes of individuality and self expression with brand IMMORTAL...

How many of us can relate to this feeling of ‘wanting to escape’ at the moment? I’m sure most of us have felt this in some form, whether it be because of the political unrest across the globe, or the fear of the next big change that will impact us and our future generations.

In the 70’s, the punk revolution provoked a cultural upheaval, and this has seemed to re-establish itself in 2019 with most of us rebelling against the world in our own ways, whether it be spiritually, freedom of expression, or pure non-conformity.

Michel Haddi is a renowned photographer whose work spans over 4 decades and has shot for many of the world’s glossy fashion publications and has photographed numerous global icons including David Bowie, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss.

Haddi came together with Immortal creative founders Andy Blake, costume designer, All Saints founder Stuart Trevor and Film producer Maggie Monteith to produce a stills and film campaign that encapsulates the spirit of Immortal. “We are influenced by film but style is how we express, this film gave us the opportunity to create a 5 mins insight into the feeling and emotion that the brand sets out to evoke,” says Andy Blake.

The Young & The Beautiful – Michel Haddi for Immortal

“I have lived in London through the 70’s punk, then new wave and have
seen the influence of the British eccentricities on fashion and attitude. I am attracted to the British quirks; my work has always been influenced by attitude as much as style and is about capturing spirit and expression.” Says Michel Haddi. “Only Britain can come up with the concept of the Full Monty breakfast, as a Frenchman you are lucky to get a coffee and a croissant!”

The film features real artists, actors, musicians, and other creatives (not models) and sets about creating a platform for expression, spirit, and individualism. Shot with a rawness that feels relevant to the time, in a setting that is unapologetic and unpolished.

Immortal is a brand that doesn’t push an agenda, instead, the clothing is about connecting with peoples emotions and spirit, and as such doesn’t relate to a persons gender, race, religion or social position – thus creating a brand which is truly IMMORTAL.

Clothing is available to purchase from

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