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That’s right, the once Disney channel star turned global pop powerhouse Miley Cyrus has returned with a brand new single ‘Midnight Sky’LISTEN HERE

The track is inspired by the past year of her life, and is accompanied by a video which Miley also self-directed.

‘Midnight Sky’ is sexy, seductive, heartfelt, yet simmers in nostalgia. The 80’s inspired synths have been a firm favourite of Mileys for many records now, and when doubled up with her country tinted vocals and hard hitting drums, it creates something that only Miley can seem to do. The video compliments the track perfectly, dripping in Chanel (literally) and sparkling with bejeweled gloves, zebra print, multi-coloured gumballs and trippy video effects, Miley is showcasing the neon washed nightlife in all its glory, and we’re all living our retro fantasies because of it!

We are so excited to see Miley back in the airways, and her musical evolution continues which makes this upcoming record release a highly anticipated one, the only question that remains is, what will she do next? Until then, we’re very happy enjoying ‘Midnight Sky’ – on repeat…

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