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Minki brought us all the colour and an incredible set design for their runway show and presentation this season.

The collection brought us pops of bold colour, and reminded me of the ARTPOP movement fused with a touch of urban glamour. It was inspired by Lorenzo Vitturis book ‘Money Must Be Made’ and takes us on on Vitturis journey through the Nigerian Balogan Market on Lagos Island. It is this marketplace that Minki drew the inspiration for the bold colour pops, and flashes of print, as the marketplace is diverse in its offerings, and is always full of people, colour, and sound.

The vibrant collection uses a mixture of reds, yellows and deep sky blues. Whilst white shades, creams, amaranths, magenta pinks and midnight greens mainstream the collection.

Definitely add a few pieces from this collection to your wardrobe for that pop of colour next season – that multicoloured bubble print trench coat is on my absolute must have list!

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