The cinematic electronic band, ‘Modeling’ has just released their first single of 2021 entitled ‘Nothing Unexpected’. The three-piece band consisting of the brotherly trio of Connor, Ryan and Cuinn Brogan provide an escape from the mundane, bending genre norms by infusing cinematic elements and constantly pushing boundaries with their ever-evolving sound. ‘Nothing Unexpected’ is synth-pop jam that’s dripping in nostalgia, single handedly transporting you back to the 80s with its infectious production.

Speaking more on the release, Modeling state: “There’s a tinge of hopelessness embedded in the lyrics because, at the time, I really struggled with this idea that everything good I was ever going to feel had already been felt and everything moving forward would just be a lesser version of what came before. And so that’s where the title stems from, this thought that nothing would ever compare or feel quite the same, there would be nothing new that I hadn’t already experienced, no surprises, nothing unexpected. It’s naive to think, but it’s where my mind settled at that particular point in time.”

The common theme behind their empowered attitude, bold lyricism, and bright, catchy sound is the role that film plays in their creative process. The brothers were movie fans long before they played an instrument. Their dad introduced them to films such as The Terminator, Alien and Braveheart before they were of “age” to watch them. Eventually the movies crept into their music. Each idea goes through the process of playing it over muted movie scenes on YouTube to see if it works. “It’s important that each piece of music we write has its own world for the listener to escape to.”

That theme of escape is paramount in ‘Nothing Unexpected’, such is the energy in the song, you get sucked into the cinematic landscape Modeling have built. With the band currently writing and self-producing a six track EP inspired by a retro-futuristic, dystopian world, 2021 looks set to be an exciting year.

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