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We talk to singer songwriter Nathan Trent about representing Austria in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, and his new single 'Legacy'...

Austrian singer songwriter Nathan Trent has been penning songs since the age of 11, and now at age 26, he has made quite a name for himself.

Born and raised in Austria, now living in London, Trent has represented Austria in the 2017 Eurovision song contest, had several singles hit the Austrian charts including a #1, and he was also selected as one of the potential winners of Jessie J’s ‘Rose Challenge’ – a social media challenge the ‘Bang Bang’ singer set for all singers and songwriters to get involved with to help them get a break in the industry.

So as Trent continues to pave his way through this difficult industry, it’s not surprising that he should come out with a single that celebrates what he’s achieved, whilst also reminding us that he’s here to stay.

‘Legacy’ was released in February, and since then it has amassed a huge 110k views on YouTube, taking his total streams on Spotify to 6.2M and his collective views on YouTube to 1.6M – video below

Nathan Trent – Legacy

We had the opportunity to sit down with Trent, and ask him about the single, and his exciting lead up to this point…

You’ve had recognition from Jessie J after being announced as one of the potential winners of her Rose challenge which was geared towards showcasing emerging musical talent, what was your reaction to this?

I must say, this little Instagram video changed my perspective in a very essential way. I entered this challenge at a moment in my life where I wasn’t sure how to proceed as an independent artist. Seeing her watching me singing my lyrics to her song was a pivotal moment. I couldn’t believe she actually saw and even liked it. I’ve been listing to her music since the start of her career and admire her style of songwriting, so being part of this challenge made me rethink my approach to music, giving me new energy and a push towards the right direction.

Photo by Matthew Kelly

In 2017, you represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest, what was the experience like?

Eurovision was a great experience. I just finished my studies back in 2016 when I was approached by the main Austrian broadcaster if I wanted to join the internal pre-selection. I went through a pretty long selection phase, where I wrote about 5 songs. When I went to LA for a couple of months I worked on ‘Running On Air’ which was the chosen track. Once I had been announced as the representative for Austria in 2017, the intense preparation phase started. Those few months before the contest were very stressful, but also extremely fun. Being on stage and singing my own song in front of 200 million people all over Europe was a surreal and an amazing experience only a few people can have. To start off my career in that way was amazing and I’m very appreciative of it.

Photo by Matthew Kelly

You’ve recently released a new single ‘Legacy’ which sounds like Sam Smith meets Jon Newman, and we’re obsessed! How would you describe your style moving forward and what more can we expect from you in the future?

This is a very interesting artist combination, thank you very much, I’m flattered. Well, after Eurovision, all I wanted to do is to entertain my newly grown fanbase, so I released songs and made music independently. I’d say these last two years were full of me trying out styles and finding my way of making music. From now on I only want to make music that is authentic, while still transmitting a very clear vibe, musically speaking. I really like to mix deep meanings with catchy top-lines and detailed productions. I have a lot of songs lined up for these next months and I’m really excited how things are going to evolve. I just want to make good music people can enjoy and relate to.

We are very excited to watch how Nathan Trent continues to break into the industry, and there is no denying he’s laid down some fantastic foundations to start building his ‘Legacy’…

LISTEN TO LEGACY HERE (check out that single cover, we love it!)

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