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One of our firm favourites Bobby Abley recently showcased his new AW20 collection at London Fashion Week, and in true Abley style, he presented a Cartoon-inspired collaboration, this time with the Minions in time for the upcoming summer release of ‘Minions: Rise of Gru’ – as Bob the Minion would say, ‘Whaaaaaaatt!?’.

As with all Ableys previous collabs (Looney Tunes, Wizard of Oz, Pokemon etc) the line was not short of jewel tone colours, prints, graphics and slogans – yet this season seemed to have a more commercial focus. Elongated sleeves on sweats and hoodies paved the way for a new way of wearing the items, but instead of enforcing this style upon the wearer, Abley gave each of the items a zipper so they can detach the sleeve and restore the shape back to a regular arm length.

This commercial way of thinking has led Abley to signing a deal on a diffusion line with Primark which launched the day after the show. Pieces from the line range from £6 from a tee, to £14 for a hoody. Whilst I’m unsure how I personally feel about the diffusion line as it continues to add to fast fashion, sustainability has never been something Abley has enforced into his brand and I am excited that the designer is finding new ways to reach different customers and bring affordable items to the masses.

The designer continued his adoration for his muses, introducing chaps to the collection no doubt inspired by Christina Aguileras ‘Dirrty’, and I think I even saw a glimmer of Amy Winehouse with that strapless leopard print dress and crown of flowers. I for one am still a huge Abley fan, and need a few of these Minion pieces to add to my own collection…

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