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Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY never tends to hold back on the runway, and this season proved to be no different. Battersea Arts Centre was transformed into a sparkling wonderland, full of all the glitz and theatrics you’ve come to expect from the brand. This collection was entitled HELL MEND YOU, and although the brand once again bought the theatre to the runway, the show had significant dystopian undertones.

As always, the designs played true to the brands gender fluid beliefs, men adorned dresses and skirts and looked great doing so. Several looks had inspiration from costume design, each telling a unique storyline in the show. At points, the brand showed a blatant disregard for traditional seasonal designs, with models wearing sport shorts and tennis skirts. This was something I loved, labelling collections in such a manner is outdated at this point. 

‘the brand showed a blatant disregard for traditional seasonal designs’

The collection could almost be split in two, half the designs were suited to the theatre and aided the beautiful storyline perfectly, the other half you would love to have in your wardrobe. From beautiful floral prints, to the brands infamous LOVERBOY prints, ranging from jumpers to tracksuits, it was special.

But underneath there was a clear message. Jeffrey placed a giant, burnt tree at the centre of the runway. This tree, with all the life drained from it, was the source of all the sparkles that we so adored. It was a clear comment on the beauty of nature and the damage we are doing to the planet. On each seat, was a ‘Manifesto for Conscious Practice’ – a guide to how the brand were doing their very best to help a truly horrid situation.

‘It was a clear comment on the beauty of nature and the damage we are doing to the planet.’

Where Jeffrey consistently stands out, is his realisation that a fashion show goes beyond a simple fifteen-minute showcase of your work. This is your moment to make a statement, to send a message and push the industry forward, it only happens twice a year. He is undoubtedly, a courageous designer that wears his heart on his designs. His ability to think outside the box should be commended. Who else would make such a statement on the runway? I can’t think of many. 

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