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Cimone is OFF THE RUNWAY! Check out the imagery and show review here…

“F*ck fashion, wear art” is what you read when you stumble upon Cimone’s Instagram page.

It’s this anti-fashion approach that has gained her plaudits from the onset. I mean who doesn’t love a rebel? The brand founded by Carli Pearson, who honed her craft under the late Louise Wilson, ignores the traditional concept of seasons and instead showcases under ‘Issues’. Now on issue 4 Cimone has really found its feet as an alternative thinking, gender neutral brand, driven by artistic statements.

This latest collection was all about the shapes of the garments. Overtly draped pieces hung from bars above the models, acting as a backdrop before the model walked, the pieces than fell from the bars to become part of the outfit. It was an ambitious idea, some pieces draped for a couple of feet behind the model as they walked, some pieces however got stuck on bars and caused some problems. The concept was typical of the brand, thinking outside of the box they made fashion into art like no one else this season.

This issue also leaned away from the religious connotations that often-come hand in hand with the brand although there was a couple of looks that did go back to this. It was art, it was fresh, and it had a certain wow factor that brands often try and go for but often miss out on. In a sea of artistic statements, there were several looks that were certainly wearable, which definitely get’s a thumbs up from us. With another Issue out the way, bring on the next one.

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