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Jubel is OFF THE RUNWAY! Check out the imagery and show review here…

The theme of global warming and single use plastic has seen more coverage this year than ever before. Young figures like Greta Thunberg have taken a stand against the careless way many of the governments across the world have been treating our planet.

With this issue hitting the mainstream more frequently, we have slowly begun seeing it feature more regularly in the Fashion world.
This was evident during LFWM with numerous designers citing single use plastic as the inspiration for their collections, however, this sustainable agenda didn’t necessarily correlate with the collection.

Showcasing on the final day of LFWM was the incredibly talented Jubel. This emerging designer delivered his first full collection after numerous pre-collections in past seasons.

Inspired by a recent trip to Bali, Jubel was struck by the vast amount of plastic waste that was in the sea. The issue was so bad that locals on the island were burning plastic to get rid of it, but this of course caused further health issues.
After seeing the damage plastic was doing to natural beauty around the world, Jubel was inspired to make a collection that wouldn’t have harmful consequences on the environment.

What followed was a collection that is made from 80% sustainable material. The orange garments are made from recycled crushed plastic bottles, and the denim garments are recycled from Japan using separate cuttings.
The only items that aren’t sustainable are the tailored pieces, made from wool, Jubel hasn’t yet found a way to make it sustainable but an upcoming trip to Hong Kong might just solve that issue.

The designer describes his work as tongue in cheek and always contains humorous elements. This was perhaps most evident from the title, “Grandma goes Fishing”. The name coming from older generations of women in South Korea who go fishing and scuba diving for their fish to feed their families. The designer has always taken inspiration from older women who “have no intention of slowing down with their style” and he incorporates this into the silhouettes he produces.

The presentation was in Hanbury Hall and featured male models stood in front of a giant fishing net which contained hundreds of plastic bottles the designer had collected on the streets of Hackney. At the model’s feet were the lids to these bottles, each piece of plastic further supporting the seriousness behind the collection and the serious problem we need to act upon.

Jubel’s debut collection was a call to action and a warning to all, if your collection is inspired by climate change then use sustainable materials, if not you’re simply jumping on a trend. With the designers aim to be 100% sustainable in the coming years, this 24 year old is leading the way, and others should take note.

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