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Michiko Koshino is OFF THE RUNWAY! Check out the imagery and show review here…

Expect the unexpected when it comes to Michiko Koshino, and unexpected was certainly a word I would use for their SS20 presentation.

I arrived slightly later to this presentation than I had anticipated due to me generally trying to be everywhere all at once, but the PR was so accommodating in getting me into the presentation, but it wasn’t until I got inside that I truly understood why I was told very little about what to expect.

As I entered a room of mirrors and darkened lights, I was first drawn to the sound of whispering playing throughout the room. No other sound could be heard other than this hushed whispering, which wasn’t even forming words that I could understand – I understood this to be a whispering trigger for what is referred to as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, a kind of low grade euphoria created from various different sounds and sensations.
I was then drawn to the 5 figures in the centre of the room, none of which were moving, and I stared at them I realised that they were all wax figures of the designer herself. They all seemed so lifelike and seemed to stare at you wherever you moved within the room, that combined with the whispering triggers really made me uneasy. I’ll be honest, the experience itself took more of a hold in my mind than the clothing did, so I was relieved when the imagery landed in my inbox so I could really look at the collection.

Koshino has always championed genderless clothing, and this season was no different. No shape, style, or colour held any type of label or swayed more to one gender than the other, and this skill has been honed over many years of being genderless. Interestingly, the collection was very small, but this is because Koshino also believes in seasonless clothing and wants to do her bit for the environment by designing clothing that can be worn year round, as such, she doesn’t need to create as much. The clothing had a streetwear feel, and was emblazoned with the signature Koshino brand print, but it was a calmer and more muted version of the brand, perhaps this is a sign that the brand is seeking more buyers by introducing more ready to wear elements? Regardless of the reason, the clothing will always be sought after and the fabrics sourced are of the highest quality, and the presentation was extremely memorable, so well done Koshino for making an impression…

Here are the latest photos straight off the runway from Michiko Koshino SS20, at London Fashion Week Mens.
Stay tuned for Issue 6 in July for our editors full LFWM review, but until then, enjoy the imagery…

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