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Qasimi is OFF THE RUNWAY! Check out the imagery and show review here…

Eastern Breeze meets an Underground Edge with Qasimi SS20, and if this is what a utopian world looks like, we want in!

Monochrome whites, blacks, greys and nudes form most of the colour palette to this collection, lending the pale lemons, olive greens, and washed plum colours to really pop. The clean colour palette also lends itself to a simple, yet sharp, take on streetwear, one in which we may not have seen so refined before.

The collection has some military and travel inspirations, which can be deduced from the rivets and zip forms accented on the clothing.
It’s also worth noting that the show itself was spectacular, it was set underneath a railway bridge, so the hard concrete backdrop gave a dark edge to the scene, whilst the coffee runway (yes I really mean it, a runway made of coffee!) gave a more refined and sophisticated twist in this setting.
This location gave the clothing an opportunity to breathe its crisp freshness onto us, and really vocalise the fusion.

I don’t know what utopia looks like, but if we could all take a leaf out of Qasimi’s book, I think it would at least be a beautiful one…

Here are the latest photos straight off the runway from Qasimi SS20, at London Fashion Week Mens.
Stay tuned for Issue 6 in July for our editors full LFWM review, but until then, enjoy the imagery…

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