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Merit Award Winner - WEN PAN is OFF THE RUNWAY! Check out the imagery and show review here…

Remember a few weeks ago when we interviewed Wen Pan about winning this seasons Merit Award from Fashion Scout? Ok, now do you remember when we asked her this?

What can we expect from your show at Fashion Scout in September?
A delicate and poetically balanced collection between prettiness and roughness.

Aaron Mark speaking to Wen Pan about their upcoming show

Well that is exactly what Pan delivered with this beautiful collection. Frayed edges, oversized shirting, and hues of blues and teals all gave the collection a masculine feel, but it partnered so beautifully with the flowing skirts, asymmetrical cuts and delicate hints of floral prints and soft oranges.

This was a collection that blended rebellion and romanticism together in a very clear and wearable way. The whole runway presentation was well thought out, with shreds of fabric, straw, and floral cuttings used both on the runway and dropped by the models as they walked, no doubt paying homage to Pans childhood of China which was filled with many contrasting elements.

This is an exciting time for Wen Pan, and an exciting time for a collection that features this duality so prominently, well done!

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