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We found this story fascinating and so had to share this with you as you know how much we love clothing with a purpose and a cause, and we can see a lot of glamour in some of these designs and would love to see them used in some editorials to continue the strong values and work this brand is doing.

Okwuís_Frocentric label is a philanthropy venture capital launched in 2017 in London to empower grassroot survivors of domestic violence in Africa. Designer, Dr Chichi Menakaya started designing as a child while watching her mother Mrs Ann Okwuchukwu Menakaya (Late), a lawyer recreate outfits made for her by top designers. In her eyes, her mother was eponymous to fashion, women empowerment and equity.

“Okwuí” is from her mother’s name “Okwuchukwu”, meaning the “word of God” . This fashion line is one of the projects of Okwuí Mask Scheme (A gender based violence advocacy charity). The profits of this label helps fund our business empowerment scheme (Foster-A-Woman) in Africa aimed at ensuring financial freedom.

Today, Okwuís_Frocentric label showcases a few pieces created by survivors alongside other pieces all designed by Dr Chichi to portray the uniqueness and affluence of African culture by integrating this with global values.

They produce women and men’s apparels and accessories with pieces ranging from beautiful bespoke outfits, ready to wear pieces to unique accessories. This fashion line was born out of a passion to empower survivors of domestic violence globally.

Follow them on insta @okwuis_frocentric 

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