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For all of us, life can take some funny turns. Perhaps none come stranger than an impromptu feature on FIFA 20’s in game soundtrack, but for Morgan Munroe, that’s exactly what happened last year. Her vocal feature on Kamakaze’s old school inspired garage production ‘Last Night’ became an instant success, propelling the artist into the mainstream. Now on the eve of her latest EP ‘Layers 0.5’, we catch up with Morgan to see what inspired her latest work. Be sure to read to the end, as we’re exclusively premiering the artists latest music video for her R&B single ‘Take Me Home’.

Morgan’s musical journey started at a very young age and by the time she was just 15 she was writing her own songs. Clearly there was a level of natural ability already there, so I wondered whether a career in music was always a dream of hers or was it that natural ability that prevailed. “A bit of both to be honest.” Morgan states, “I always enjoyed anything music related way more than any other activity as a kid and I was naturally good at it and drawn to music from quite a young age. With that combined I told my little self that I had to grow up and have a career in the music industry because it’s the only thing I liked doing and never got bored of… still to this day lol.”

The artist never looked back and quickly found herself honing a unique sound that blends R&B and soul, although Morgan takes a more open-minded approach to labelling music. “Since I started doing music, I’ve always sat in those genres, so I guess as I’ve progressed as an artist, I’ve honed that in along the way. Honestly, I don’t like to the pay too much attention to genres, I don’t like restricting myself or putting rules on my music, I just create what I like.” 

Morgan’s vocal ability is a huge factor in her future success, but what goes under the radar is her song writing ability. With ease the artist takes you on a journey with her personal approach, exploring themes of self-worth, empowerment and female independence. This talent really comes to the forefront on her latest EP ‘Layers 0.5’. “Music is my form of therapy.” The artist comments, “I write best when the subject comes from experiences/thoughts/feelings that I’ve personally been through or been exposed to. My songs are like my life diary lol best way to get to know me is through my music cause behind the music I’m actually quite a private person.” 

On ‘Layers 0.5’ we see Morgan flourish as a musician. Almost a year’s worth of work went into the release and it marks the most important moment in her career to date. I worked on it for about 9 months I think.” Morgan says, “There was no inspiration at the start, I wasn’t even thinking of an EP I was just creating songs trying to be as open as possible because one thing I knew was that I wanted my listeners to really get to know me, musically yeah but also behind the music too. As the EP started to come together each song, I’d listen to made me feel like a different character of myself, that inspired the title and then everything else fell into place from there.” 

However, the release might not have been possible under the current circumstances, financially this year has been problematic, thankfully she won an SBTV competition and a sum of £7500 which aided studio equipment costs. Moments like that show how important the internet is to musicians, something the artist agrees with. I think it is important especially since Covid2020. I’ve been lucky enough to win some open mic’s and a home studio from SBTV through social media. The internet has provided me with monetary support and studio equipment just for sharing my talent, those opportunities I wouldn’t have been exposed to in the real world!” 

Morgan’s latest release is sure to only propel her profile further. However, the significance of her feature on Kamakaze’s ‘Last Night’ last year, is obvious. The single was featured on FIFA 20’s soundtrack, broadcasted to millions around the world, it was a real breakthrough moment for the artist. “Yeah it was sick. I’m not really a football fan myself. I didn’t even know they had a soundtrack for FIFA (don’t @ me lol), so when Kama told me the song made it on the FIFA soundtrack I was more proud for him at first because music and football have always been his thing! Wasn’t until the soundtrack came out that I realised actually how big this achievement was.” 

However, nothing is ever plain sailing. Morgan – as many others share – has had her fair number of hurdles along the way. But through passion and determination, she’s come out the other side as a success. The artist states that Being taken seriously at the early stages of my career, getting opportunities based on my talent on not on my looks.” As one of the biggest challenges she’s faced, as well as “earning respect as a serious female artist in a male driven industry. Self-doubt is always a re-occurring challenge. Also, COVID 2020.” 

With this latest monumental moment in her career, Morgan wants nothing more than to “keep grinding, keep creating, and keep progressing” in the near future. ‘Layers 0.5’ is a beautifully personal release that gives us an insight into the real Morgan Munroe. I’m sure we’re only going to see the artist go on to bigger and better things over the next few years. You can catch an exclusive first look at the visual release for her single “Take Me Home’, below, enjoy!  

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