Boyfriend Magazine – Issue 4 – March 2019 – DIGITAL COPY




In this issue, we show how fashion royalty can be born AND bred in our gorgeous cover story ‘King’, and its March which means SPRING IS HERE and we’ve brought you everything you need to start this season with a ‘Spring’ in your step!

We’ve curated our top bags of the season – to help you carry your belongings in style, we’ve also been taming our bad hair days to bring you our top haircare products this Spring, we bring you our thoughts on the latest growing trend – Men’s makeup, and who can forget our Editor In Chiefs eagerly anticipated roundup of Fashion Month!

Not to mention our fantastic editorials from creative talents across the globe including Ben Mitchell, Carlo William Rossi, Fabio Mureddu, Chieh Huang and our royal cover story by Frederic Moncaeu, featuring Scott Gardner and styled by Jody Van Geert.