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The last time I sat down and interviewed Jordan Wake, he told me to call him the “queer Carrie Bradshaw”. Now, almost ten months later, Jordan has created a fabulous online platform that brings him one step closer to living out that reality. Aptly titled “Queer and The City”, Jordan’s column is an amalgamation of the experiences, thoughts and journeys of a young, gay man navigating, as he says, “everyday things from going to nightclubs, online dating to navigating friendships in your twenties. It’s a look at everyday life through a queer perspective – whether you are a part of the queer community or not, I hope that you will be able to find something within it that resonates with you”.

Whilst this column has been in the back of Jordan’s mind for almost a year, it is incredibly fitting that something so focused on community and togetherness has been born during a time of mass uncertainty and separation. In his first column, Jordan wrote that he wanted to be able to provide a sense of escapism and community for those who might need it, “It doesn’t have to be the most ground-breaking, profound thing on the internet, I just wanted it to be honest, candid, and make people smile. What more could you want?”. Having such a clear vision of what he wanted the column to be like is why Jordan has decided to self-publish – after going back and forth between considering magazines and newspapers that may want to publish the column, it made the most sense for Jordan to have complete control over both the publication schedule and the content because “It’s so personal to me. It is an extension of who I am”. Exploring his own experiences in a candid and honest way will not only provide entertainment but may also help queer people find comfort and belonging within the LGBTQ+ community. This is not lost on Jordan, he understands that now, more than ever, people are being forced inside their homes and therefore might experience loneliness or feeling as if they don’t belong – “I feel like people are trying to substitute that human contact we can’t experience right now, so they are wanting to see or read or watch something they can relate to. I hope my column can spread the messages of not only celebrating life and our experiences but being able to make a difference in it”.

With his column, Jordan also hopes to be able to maintain a balance between fun, frivolous topics and those that are more serious, combining, as he says, “the fabulous and the facts” into columns that are simultaneously fun and educative, “I want to make people smile but I also want to make people think and learn something from it”. An example he gives me is an idea for a column about gay bars that discusses both the fabulous world of divas and drag queens and the fact that one of the main events that led to the gay liberation movement started at a gay bar – The Stonewall Inn, New York City. By simultaneously noting how glamorous and fun gay clubs are whilst reminding his readers that they are the cornerstone of the fight for LGBTQ+ equality, Jordan shows that he is well aware of what it means to place yourself on the public stage and is dedicated to providing an inclusive and educative experience for everyone who happens to stumble across his column. The column will, of course, discuss every other topic you could possibly think of; “we’re going to be talking about what fashion week is really like and the hidden egos of the front row as well as the depths of online dating – not just as a broad topic either, I want to explore all of the branches within it. From the first date to the awkward moment you realise someone you went on a date with two months ago is best friends with the person you’re going on a date with now!”.

Having known Jordan for as long as I have, I have no doubt in my mind that his column and podcasts will be innovative, exciting and exceptionally glamorous in true Bradshaw style.

You can find Jordan’s recent Queer and the City column here:

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